Vertex M100A Strap Showcase

Vertex M100A Strap Showcase

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Strap Showcase

As we already established in our full review of the Vertex M100A it comes with three very high quality straps, however that doesn't necessarily mean you can't make some changes.

Vertex M100 on Various StrapsVertex M100 - Credit WatchGecko

For this strap showcase we set out to consider alternative options which look very different to the straps supplied by Vertex.

The M100A is an exceptional timepiece and it's clean aesthetics and classic World War 2 Field Watch look steers it toward some of our more rugged straps. We have also been very careful to select from our portfolio models which complement the incredible history and contemporary look of this latest Vertex watch.

You can read our full review of the Vertex here but first come on this journey with us as we explore different strap options.

WatchGecko Signature Military Nylon Watch Strap - BondWatchGecko Bond Signature Military Nylon Watch Strap - £24

The Signature military watch strap is the perfect blend of comfort and strength. The 1.25mm thick nylon has a subtle shine and is very supple, which makes it exceptionally comfortable on the wrist. However, the material also has a very tight weave, so it is also incredibly strong and durable.

The hardware is brushed stainless steel, with a solid buckle that's strong enough to stand up to wear and tear. Meanwhile, the keeper nearest the buckle is a floating keeper that can move to suit the length of the excess strap that needs to be secured.

With a length of 285mm, the Signature watch strap will be able to fit any wrist size from 6 inches to 9 inches (15.25cm to 22.86cm).

We have always thought the Vertex M100A was the perfect mission watch so could this be the perfect strap?

ZULUDIVER Endurance Extreme Rubber Watch Strap - NimrodZULUDIVER Endurance Extreme Rubber Watch Strap – Nimrod - £58

Combining our two toughest strap designs into one bullet-proof design, introducing the Endurance Extreme Rubber Watch Strap.  Our current Endurance strap gave us the perfect platform, allowing us to expand the range to include a sailcloth version. Tried and tested by our team, we are confident that the Endurance Extreme is an ideal strap to withstand the extreme elements of the great outdoors.

Available in five colours the Endurance Extreme will be the perfect partner for your tool watch accompanying you across the globe, under the waves or just for a walk through the countryside.

Attention to detail was paramount in the development of the Endurance range, yet, as you have come to expect from ZULUDIVER, we never rest on our championships and are constantly looking for ways to further improve our products. Thanks to customer feedback, rest assured that the Endurance Extreme Rubber strap range is made to the specifications expected, from office wear to the deep sea diving.

The Extreme plus the very cool name Nimrod seemed like a combo too good to pass for the Vertex.

 Leuven Flat Handmade Horse Leather Watch Strap – BeigeLeuven Flat Handmade Horse Leather Watch Strap – Beige - £108

A high end watch like the M100A occasionally needs a high end strap and no better can be found than the Leuven range.

The strap uses handmade horse leather that has been vegetable tanned with leaves and olive tree bark, achieving a beautiful and supple grain that feels very comfortable on the wrist. The tanning process also gives this strap the durability to last, developing a pattern as it ages.

Each Leuven leather watch strap is a unique and timeless piece that has been meticulously crafted by hand at a family-run workshop in Oostende, Belgium. Their experienced craftsmen dedicate a great deal of time to creating each watch strap, never compromising on quality and always striving to offer the best possible leathers.

The handstitched edge of the Leuven strap has been expertly executed using contrasting thread and hand-painted with a colour stain to match the leather. This watch strap is available in various lug widths, and features a robust stainless-steel buckle with a high polished finish.

ZULUDIVER Crazy Horse Pull-Up Leather ZULU Watch Strap - Chestnut BrownZULUDIVER Crazy Horse Pull-Up Leather ZULU Watch Strap - £28

One of our best sellers and staff favourites the Crazy Horse military style strap suits all steel tool watches and radically changes the look. We've found it sits especially well on Field Watches like the Vertex.

Crazy horse leather 'breathes' and over time will absorb the natural oils from your skin and cause the leather to form a glossy sheen that will make the watch strap look even better. It has been carefully stitched with strong coloured thread fitted with a branded stainless steel buckle.

The strap it will gradually take on an increasingly vintage leather look from being rubbed or scuffed. ZULUDIVER have also detailed this design with a hot-stamp line around the edge, and hand-painted and sealed the edges with a coloured stain. This strap is available in three fitting sizes 18mm, 20mm and 22mm.

Arguably one of the best straps we make the Crazy Horse will become a part of your adventure kit and never let you down.

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