The Q Timex Reissue Review - The Epitome of Sports Watches

The Q Timex Reissue Review - The Epitome of Sports Watches

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Your Next Watch: One of the most hyped watches of 2019, but what is it really like?

Welcome back to Your Next Watch, an ongoing series that looks at the watches you’re considering buying at the moment and breaks them down based on real hands-on experience with them.

The GMT Master from Rolex, a watch that remains incredibly desirable - Image Credit: WatchGecko Online Magazine

In recent years, the watch world has become pretty obsessed with three things. Firstly, stainless steel. Auctions of new and old watches, new releases and appreciating classics are all in demand if they’re cased in stainless steel. The second thing is sports watches, in 2019 (and more than likely 2020 as well) sports watches dominate wrist time around the world. And the final piece of the puzzle is red and blue (pepsi) coloured bezels. The blue and red bezel exists in the line up of almost every legacy brand from the industry; and they don’t just exist, they thrive.

It’s no surprise then that when the Q Timex was released (in 2019, not the original which was released in 1979), it not only ticked all of those boxes but subsequently spent most of the time out of stock across the internet than in stock with people going crazy over a sub £200 quartz watch.

So the question to ask is, what is the Q Timex hype really all about?

The Q Timex Re-Issue - What it does

Taking the Q out of the box one thing that is immediately noticeable is the proportions. Coming in at 38mm wide, 12mm thick and with a lug to lug distance of 45.3mm the Q feels extremely balanced and comfortable on the wrist. You shouldn’t have any issues with bulkiness or clumsiness here. The watch comes equipped with handy, useful features as well. First is the rotating bezel.

Sure it is a non-ratcheting bezel but it's still a benefit and is usable. We also see a day and date function which is welcomed at this price point and retains the watches symmetry. Timex couldn’t resist the temptation and included a hint of vintage lume throughout the watch. The Mercedes style hands and familiar hour markers all have a yellow/green tinted tone to them.

All these features of the watch sit on a soft blue almost purple dial. It probably doesn’t come as a surprise to hear the ‘Q’ in the watches name represents the quartz heart powering this watch. No need to worry about the Q stopping over long weeks of no wrist time…

The case and bracelet have a fantastic relationship on this watch. Naturally, the Q’s case has that 70s feel to it which cleverly overlaps the spring bar position for the woven stainless steel bracelet resulting in a watch that has a fully integrated look to it (think Audemars Piguet Royal Oak and Patek Nautilus, just on a slightly different budget…)

How does the Q Timex wear on wrist?

The first noticeable feature of the Q Timex is that bracelet. Sure it has an old school original look to it, however, it will catch and pull on any arm hair in daily wear. It’s something I found myself getting used to, but certainly something to consider. One benefit of the watch (and something hinted at earlier) is the dimensions. Personally, I would say the size of the Q is as close to perfect as you could get for a sport-focused watch. It’s reduced in size without getting lost. It will retain its presence with ease. Admittedly a lot of that is also down to its overall appearance, but know if you pick up a Q Timex you’ll be strapping a brilliantly sized watch to the wrist.

A red and blue bezel watch with familiar-looking hands and a classic dial layout hold all of the ingredients to produce regular wrist stares from other watch guys. If you’re looking for a watch that will make you feel apart of this community for a fraction of the cost that many people get into the hobby for, the Q might be the one for you.

The word ‘character’ sums up the Q well. From the domed crystal to the functional battery hatch and everything in between you can’t help but smile when you look down on your wrist and you see this fun, casual, playful watch. It’s a fantastic example of a watch that is greater than the sum of its parts.

Watch straps for the Q Timex

Now although the width of the bracelet matches the top and bottom of the case, the flared design from the point the strap attaches to the watch means the lug width is actually only 18mm. This means replacement straps can look a little small in comparison to the watch head. However, if you can look past that, the Q can be transformed with a few straps and a springbar tool...

The Geckota Classic Mesh in Polished

The Timex Q on the Classic Mesh in Polished - Image Credit: WatchGecko Online Magazine

This might seem an obvious choice and for good reason. This polished option mesh strap is a staple in our range and, if you want to really bring out the 70s quirkiness of the Q, grab yourself a classic mesh and enbrace the smaller strap width.

Geckota Contoured Italian Leather Strap in Light Brown

From one classic to another; The Contoured Italian in Light Brown. This strap has been available for a good few years now and still, it manages to perform perfectly. Here on the Q the Light Brown option enhances the playful nature of the watch with beige coloured stitching present to tie in that vintage lume to complete a unique yet classic look for the Q.

The Chedworth Suede Handmade Strap in Ocean Blue

The final strap is our Chedworth and this is a combo for those who like something a little more out there. The Chedworth Suede fits and feels the same as the Contoured Italian however the pop of blue really makes a statement. You also get texture from the suede which completes the style of this combo.

Things we would change on the Q Timex

Here on the WatchGecko Mag, we don’t aim to just talk about how amazing everything is. We believe there is always some room for improvement. Let’s see to what extent that room exists for this Timex watch.

The Timex Q - Image Credit: WatchGecko Online Magazine

That bracelet - Yes, for all it’s great looks I struggled to get on with the arch-enemy of arm hair the Q arrives on. If this was in my collection, I believe it would be just enough to put me off confidently picking the watch up and wearing it regularly.

Did we need vintage lume? - I don’t think the vintage lume hype is anywhere close to ending, however, I would have loved to see the new Q with white lume rather than the vintage we see on the final product.

Final thoughts on the Q Timex

So who is the Q Timex for? Why is now is the time to re-introduce the Q and should you get one?

Well, I think the Q Timex is perfect for people starting a watch collection. The approachable price tag, considered design and dimensions, the ease of use and attractive design mean it’s a fantastic choice for any new collector. Realistically experienced collectors can get a lot of enjoyment out of the watch also. If you have a reputation as being ‘the watch guy/girl’ in your immediate network, rocking up with the Q Timex is sure going to get people looking at your wrist.

The Timex Q - Image Credit: WatchGecko Online Magazine

Despite all of that, and despite whatever level of collector you find yourself, a 2019 Q Timex is the trend in watches for the last few years epitomised in one single timepiece.

If you’re in the whole watch collecting scene for the long haul, get yourself a Q and you will always remember the boom in demand for stainless steel sports watch, pepsi and integrated bracelets.

To pick up a Q Timex head over to the Timex website here.

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