You Should All Be Using The New Chrono24 Watch Scanner!

You Should All Be Using The New Chrono24 Watch Scanner!

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Ever wonder the exact reference of a watch, or the current market value? Chrono24 are here to help...

Chrono24 continue to invest in user-focused technology with the latest addition to their app, Watch Scanner.

If you regularly find yourself scanning Chrono24 for watches to learn more about pre-owned pricing or to plan your next purchase, Chrono24 has just made this scanning process a lot more hands-on!

As of this week, simply take an image of a watch on your wrist and Chrono24 will instantly tell you everything you need to know about it including the current market value (pre-owned and mint condition), the full reference number, case material, years it was produced and links to listings.

The Watch Scanner by Chrono24 - Image Credit: Chrono24

This tools makes both buying and selling watches through Chrono24 a lot easier. A big benefit of the feature is that you can also scan pre-existing images of watches to find out everything you need to know. Spot a watch on Instagram but not sure on the reference? Fall in love with a watch at a GTG and realise after you need it in your collection? Simply upload the image and all the information is there.

Chrono24 told us that is technology has been fed 1 million images of watches meaning it can recognise 15,000 watches.

I wanted to try using the app on a more niche watch than a Submariner, it worked with no issues... - Image Credit: WatchGecko Online Magazine

We have however been able to catch the app out a few times with less popular watches, vintage watches and images taken at certain angles. There are a huge amount of watches out there so they can only upload a certain amount at one time, so we will let them off.

The Watch Scanner works with images uploaded as well - Image Credit: WatchGecko Online Magazine

I’d recommend every watch enthusiast out there gives this ago. It’s good fun to see how accurate the app is and also a great way of keeping an eye on the market value of watches. The technology also learns with every image uploaded, so in time it will only get better and better.

Give the Watch Scanner a go yourself by downloading the Chrono24 app here.

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