Formex Field Strap Showcase

Formex Field Strap Showcase

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Strap Showcase

Our review of the Formex Field established that it was anything but an ordinary field watch.

Their interpretation of the classic field watch involves a complete reimagining of the genre, and that's why we love this brand. As with the REEF and Essence, they have taken the essential elements of a particular watch style and thoroughly contemporise it, yet somehow stayed true to the technical expectations. The Formex Field comes as standard with a highly innovative and very well-made hook and loop strap; however, we all like to re-dress watches, so what straps could you possibly put on this wonderfully imaginative field watch?

This has been an exciting case (literally) as the exterior finish of the Formex is that of 'dusty concrete'. It takes work to get suitable matches. Nevertheless, a few of us gathered in the WatchGecko stockroom and present these top suggestions.

Formex Field on Vintage Canvas Military Watch StrapZULUDIVER Vintage Canvas Military Watch Strap in Desert Sand - £20

Our canvas military straps are crafted from highly durable canvas for both style and strength. They present a thoroughly vintage military look which of course transitions across well to Field Watches like the Formex. This design is similar to our regular British military straps but it does not have the additional material that doubles up behind the watch case, making this strap more streamlined and less bulky on the wrist.

The Vintage Canvas is available in five colours, which have a wonderful faded battle-hardened effect. Extra stitching has also been applied around the holes for added durability.

Formex Field on V-Stitch Distressed Leather Watch StrapWatchGecko V-Stitch Distressed Leather Watch Strap in Light Brown - £68

Our V-Stitch Distressed Leather Watch Strap offers timeless simplicity, making it a popular choice for anyone after a quality leather strap. Field watches like the Formex will always suit leather and if the product is pre-distressed, it just makes the watch look more rugged.

The double stitching makes this a very versatile strap with little extra detail to detract from the quality of the leather and the unusual watch case of the Formex Field. The strap also has quick-release spring bars for easy strap changes and a steel buckle.

Formex Field on Ridge Military Nylon StrapWatchGecko Ridge Military Nylon Watch Strap in Green - £24

As we were testing the green dial Formex a green strap had to feature. The WatchGecko Ridge has a subtle ribbed texture to the nylon, similar to old-fashioned military webbing. Like military webbing, the 1.2mm thick nylon is incredibly tough and hardwearing. You'll not have to worry about keeping your Formex secure as you crash through the Amazon Rainforest.

The buckle and keepers are fashioned from stainless steel, and the keeper nearest the buckle is floating so that you can adjust it to suit the amount of excess nylon you have.

Formex Field on Oxford Vintage Green Military Watch StrapZULUDIVER British Military Watch Strap: OXFORD in Vintage Green - £28

One of the best looks for any Field Watch is the rebranded Oxford. This green model was possibly our favourite choice on the Formex Field as it really gives the watch a Bushcraft look.

Crazy horse leather breathes and over time absorbs natural oils from your skin which causes the leather to form a glossy sheen. The material also adopts the sensation of small scuffs and rubs over time giving a wonderful used look. It has been carefully stitched with strong coloured thread fitted with a classic stainless steel buckle.

To indicate craftsmanship and authenticate quality ZULUDIVER has been branded onto the inside of the leather. We have also detailed this design with a hot-stamp line around the edge, and hand-painted and sealed the edges with a coloured stain. This strap is available in three fitting sizes 18mm, 20mm and 22mm.

Formex Field on Crazy Horse Pull-Up LeatherZULUDIVER Crazy Horse Pull-Up Leather ZULU Watch Strap in Chestnut Brown -  £28

Pretty much the same strap as the Oxford above but with a smooth finish. This brown colour gives the Formex Field a very WW2 military look and reminds us of the leather end straps on US equipment of the era. Even though it is the same material as the Oxford it gives a different look.

Formex Field on Simple Handmade Leather Watch StrapSimple Handmade Italian Leather Watch Strap in Chocolate Brown - £68

Despite its contemporary design the Formex Field is a clean watch and on occasion, simple-is-best. Our Simple Handmade Italian Leather Strap is a popular choice for anyone looking for a quality leather strap. With a 4mm to 3.5mm tapering thickness, the Italian leather can withstand a great deal of wear whilst still being pliable from the outset and conforming well to the wrist.

Besides the smallest stitching details, there is little superfluous detail to detract from the unusual watch. The strap comes equipped with quick-release spring bars and a stainless steel buckle etched with the WatchGecko logo for the reassurance of a genuine quality product.

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