It’s clear to see why the Seiko SKX is as popular as it is in the watch world. Its versatility, value for money and reliability has set the bar for being an iconic piece.

With a huge selection to choose from, Seiko hit the nail on the head when it comes to designing a great all round day-to-day watch. However, there’s more to the SKX which further boosts its popularity - it’s easy to mod…

Seiko SKX 007 watch fitted to WatchGecko Beads of Rice metal watch strap

The Seiko SKX fitted to the Beads of Rice - Image Credit: WatchGecko

We get plenty of questions about this watch which is why we strive to release new products for it. From curved end links to interesting bezel inserts, it's simple (and a little addictive!) to change up the look to suit your style.

The Seiko SKX fitted to the ZULUDIVER Swiss Style NATO - Image Credit: WatchGecko

Bezel Inserts for the Seiko SKX

For years the watch community has continued to share their love of the SKX, many with the common interest in modding. Our current range of aluminium bezel inserts for the Seiko SKX consists of 5 colourways. These range from subtle options such as black and blue, to the gold and brown ‘root beer’ inspired insert.

Modded Seiko SKX with 'Root Beer' bezel insert fitted to WatchGecko Collingham metal watch strap

The Seiko SKX with Gold/Brown Bezel Insert for the SKX fitted to the Collingham Solid 5 Link - Image Credit: WatchGecko

Each bezel insert includes an adhesive sticker to secure it to the bezel comfortably. They fit both the 007 and 009.

Metal Straps For the Seiko SKX

A strap that boasts simplicity and is a universal choice for many watches is the Classic Berwick. Using the Classic Berwick Curved End Links for Seiko SKX, this strap creates a timeless look. Its weight and size compliments the Seiko's case, and delivers a premium look.

The Seiko SKX fitted to the Classic Berwick with Classic Berwick Curved End Pieces for the SKX- Image Credit: WatchGecko

A strap that offers a similar style but additionally offers complimentary brushed and polished finishing's is the Vintage Berwick. This firmly matches the Seiko's case, and with curved end links available it's a sharp and cohesive look!

The Seiko SKX fitted to the Vintage Rivet Berwick with Vintage Berwick Curved End Pieces for the SKX - Image Credit: WatchGecko

If you’re looking for something with vintage flair then the Beads of Rice metal strap is a great alternative. Again, its brushed and polished finishing complement the case, and it changes up the look of the Seiko with a vintage diver vibe.

Seiko SKX 007 fitted to the Beads of Rice metal watch strap from WatchGecko

The Seiko SKX fitted to the Beads of Rice - Image Credit: WatchGecko

Rubber and Water Resistant Straps for the Seiko SXK

Although metal straps are a solid choice, we offer a large selection of other straps which additionally emphasise the SKX's versatility. We've picked out a few favourites to show you how a simple strap change can create many different styles...

If you're looking for a classic rubber strap, the ZULUDIVER 284 has it all. Available in a wide choice of colours, this collection ranges from bright red, to casual black, and even a camouflage version as seen here. It adds a sporty feel to the diver, making it ready and raring for any activity.

The Seiko SKX fitted to the ZULUDIVER 284 Rubber - Image Credit: WatchGecko

Our Sailcloth collection is a popular option when looking for a new strap with a sporty vibe. From standard options with coloured stitching to perforated or padded versions, each collection is a great fit for the SKX. Made from water resistant sailcloth print rubber, these straps have the aesthetics of sailcloth material whilst being durable for water sports, and even come with quick release spring bars for an easy change.

The Seiko SKX fitted to the ZULUDIVER Quick Release Sailcloth - Image Credit: WatchGecko

If you're more of a NATO fan then the ZULUDIVER E-NATO offers a large collection of colours which suit the Seiko. Here we've used the desert sand with white pin stripe colour alongside our gold and brown bezel insert to create a military styled look. Made from elasticated woven webbing, this strap is a useful one to have in any collection!

The Seiko SKX with the Gold/Brown Bezel Insert fitted to the ZULUDIVER E-NATO - Image Credit: WatchGecko

Show Us Your SKX Combos!

Do you have a great modded SKX to show the world? We always love seeing images of our products and interesting watch/strap combinations, so be sure to tag us in your images on Instagram for the chance to be featured in our story!

The Seiko SKX fitted to the ZULUDIVER 284 Rubber - Image Credit: WatchGecko