A popular Seiko watch + a handful of watch straps = the best watch straps for the Seiko SARB033...

The Seiko SARB is a watch that’s popularity has been solid ever since it was released. After being discontinued in recent years, this popularity has grown to a stage where the demand has only increased. Is this the same for both the Seiko SARB033 and SARB035. The SARB033 we’ll be looking at today has personally been in my collection for 3 years now, with all the scratches and marks to show for it. In its time, it's naturally been fitted to a lot of different straps in a range of situations.

Let’s take a look at the top watch straps you should be fitting to your Seiko SARB.

The Seiko SARB033 fitted to Geckota Kirkstead Bracelet - Image Credit: WatchGecko Online Magazine

So, as always, before we get into the straps, let’s quickly go over the things you need to consider when looking for some straps for the SARB:

  • At first glance, the watch is a dressy piece with a simple, clean design.
  • However, much like watches like the Rolex Explorer, Tudor Black Bay 36 and Omega Aqua Terra, it can actually be pretty sporty. So what does this mean for us looking to play around with the straps? Well, it’s the ideal subject to explore a rather wide range of options.
  • The 38mm width will mean straps with at least a 2mm taper, will best suit the watch to compliment the design.
  • Strap decisions can be made depending on where you will wear the watch the most. For me, daily office wear, casual social occasions and the odd smarter event is what my SARB is used to the most. Again, something we will consider with the straps.

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Geckota Simple Handmade Leather Watch Strap - Chocolate Brown

The Seiko SARB033 fitted to Geckota Simple Handmade Leather Watch Strap - Image Credit: WatchGecko Online Magazine

This is the king of casual for me. Pull up leather will change over time so it has a great natural look. The clean double stitching around the lugs to the small detail on the tip of the strap, it really is a great little package this strap. The watch feels great on the chocolate brown strap which, once combined with a pair of chinos and a great casual shirt, looks and feels right at home.

If you want the same look for a little cheaper and also a little thinner, the Geckota Winchester is the strap for you.

Geckota Kirkstead Metal Bracelet

This bracelet for the Seiko SARB033 is one we have explored before but this combo feels a lot sleeker and pro than the standard oyster. Great for daily wear and the all steel look goes with a lot more outfits and situations. The president style bracelet can work in dressier situations as well.

Remember, to get a perfect fit on the case of the watch, you’ll need to use the Seiko ends, centre links and Seiko spring bars to achieve this.

Geckota Quick Release Sailcloth Waterproof Divers Watch Strap - Black / Grey

This strap is a personal favourite of mine for the summer. Sailcloth material is renowned for its strong and durable properties, making it hard wearing and resilient for water-based activities. This strap is made from water-resistant print PVC material and is also fitted with quick release spring bars.

This strap really starts to show how versatile the SARB really is.

Geckota Vintage Soft Top Grain Watch Strap - Grey

This is another combo that looks insanely cool on the SARB, especially in the grey. We pretty regularly talk about how versatile grey is and this combo only emphasise it more. The 4 stitches around the lugs actually helps the watch to wear a little larger on the wrist. This colour is a great option for the warmer months as well.

Geckota Calmsden Classic Fold Watch Strap - Black

The Seiko SARB033 fitted to Geckota Calmsden Classic Fold Watch Strap - Image Credit: WatchGecko Online Magazine

If the previous straps are a little too casual for you, take a look at the Calmsden. Once this is fitted to the SARB you start to really see how this watch can be very dressy. Using Italian leather, this strap in the black colour really continues where the black dial left off. This is a look I would reserve just for smart occasions.

Geckota Handmade Genuine Ostrich Leg - Black

Similar to the Calmsden, the black Ostrich Leg strap essentially takes everything the Calmsden does, drops the stitching and goes for a genuine ostrich leg hide. This leather is incredibly comfortable, very soft to touch and gives the SARB a pretty special look.

Geckota Oblique Mesh Watch Strap

Staying with dressy looks for a moment now, we have our Oblique Mesh. This watch looks perfect on a nice Milanese mesh as it really makes those dauphine hands and polished faceted indices pop. To be honest, we could have selected most mesh straps here. Whichever mesh you decide to pick up, just make sure you go for a polished finish.

ZULUDIVER 270 Rubber Watch Strap - Grey

I’ll be honest, most rubber straps don’t look great with the SARB. However, if you want a look that takes the concepts of the watches such as the Aqua Terra and possibly the new Yacht-Master from Rolex then the 270 is a cool option. Here just a simple grey rubber works to really emphasise the sporty side of the watch.

Like I've just mentioned, this really does remind me of offerings from Rolex and Omega with the whole, taking a dressier looking watch and throwing it on a rubber.

Strap types not suited for the SARB.

When it comes to straps that don’t really work that well on the SARB, the main category is rubber and specifically the thicker, larger straps. The ZULUDIVER 284 rubber, NDL type and ZULUDIVER 300 are perfect options for diving watches, but their more bulky size and larger design means they’re pretty out of place on the SARB. There are plenty of other watches in your watch collection that will suit a chunkier diving strap, click here to find yours today...

Let us know which is your favourite combo in the comments below as well as letting us know what other watches you’d like to see us feature on future strap showcases!

If you’re looking to check out the SARB in more detail, be sure to head over to the full review on the Online Magazine here.