Buying Watches From eBay: Is it Ever A Good Idea? Ep #9

Jon gets the ball rolling by telling us about Schitt’s Creek, which is apparently a TV series rather than a place we’ve often found ourselves up without a paddle. It can be easy to get there by buying a watch on eBay too, but there are many weird and wonderful bargains to be had if you’re careful. Anthony and Ben cast a quick eye over what has caught their attention in the eBay classifieds, ranging from some Frankenstein-like monsters to other stuff that’s surprisingly cool. And there’s a theme emerging to what we’re liking this week: skin divers (lightweight dive watches that is, not people who go diving in the nude). There’s a great new dive watch out from Glashutte (which polarises opinion) and an established alternative from Delma, while Tim revisits his two wonderful vintage Caravelles.

Sit back and enjoy!

Show notes:

Schitt’s Creek


The truth in 24

What Ben found on eBay

Anthony’s favourite watch this week

But here’s a good alternative

Jon’s favourite watch this week

Tim’s favourite watch this week

And there’s more bronze here

Big news from Patek Philippe

What Anthony spotted on eBay

Another cool eBay dive watch

And one to avoid...

Tim’s Caravelle Watches

One that Jon bought on eBay (many years ago)

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