Watch Straps For The Sinn U50

Watch Straps For The Sinn U50

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Strap Showcase: A tough dive watch needs some tough straps...

As Tim covered in his review of the Sinn U50, it’s a proper tough-as-nails toolwatch. Made from German submarine steel, and with a water resistance of 500m, the U50 is certainly one of the most capable tool watches on the market.

As such it deserves to be paired with a range of durable straps that can stand up to the same kind of treatment the U50 is designed to take.

A few points to consider when choosing straps for the Sinn U50 are:

  • The U50 has mostly matte surfaces, with little glare or reflections. Therefore it will go well with toolish straps that have a similar subdued finish.
  • The U50 is mostly monochrome, with the only splash of colour being the red accents. Choosing a strap that also has red highlights will bring out the colour on the watch itself.
  • With a lug width of 20mm, there are plenty of strap choices for the U50. And, with a thickness of just 11.15mm, you don't have to worry about it sitting too high if you put it on a Military Nylon, which would be the perfect choice for this tool watch.

Anyway, without further ado, let's get in to it!

ZULUDIVER Classic Bond Nylon Watch Band


The ZULUDIVER Classic Bond  on the Sinn U50 - Image Credit: WatchGecko Online Magazine 

We’ll get things going with a classic strap pairing for any toolwatch - the Military nylon strap. Our Zuludiver Classic Bond NATO goes well with the blasted grey case and black bezel of the Sinn U50. Not only does it look good, but by its design a NATO reduces any risk of losing the watch through a failed spring bar.

Click here to check out the Classic Bond .

ZULUDIVER Croyde 2 Piece Canvas Quick-Release Watch Strap


Second in the lineup is the Croyde Canvas Strap. This durable strap is crafted from a hard-wearing canvas, so it can stand up to anything the U50 can. It’s also fitted with quick-release spring bars for easy strap changes.

Click here to read more about the ZULUDIVER Croyde Canvas Strap.

Dedworth Distresso Cowhide Quick Release Watch Strap


Of course, if you want to change things up you can always try our Dedworth Distresso strap. As you can guess from the name, this leather strap has a distressed look that gives the Sinn U50 a casual appearance. Handily, it too has quick-release spring bars for those snappy strap changes.

Click here to check out the Dedworth Distresso Cowhide Strap.


ZULUDIVER Marine Nationale Watch Strap


Next we go back to another classic military strap. This time it’s the Marine Nationale. The red stripe of this one really makes the red on the U50 pop, whilst the green adds a military vibe to the watch. (well, it is made from submarine steel after all!)

Click here to purchase the ZULUDIVER Marine Nationale strap. 

ZULUDIVER 328 Italian Rubber Watch Strap


Keeping with the naval theme, we’ve also paired the Sinn U50 with our Zuludiver Italian rubber military nylon. This blends the security of a NATO strap with the durability of our Italian rubber straps. The result is a strap that’s hard-wearing, secure, and completely waterproof. All in all, the ideal strap for a tool watch!

Click here to find out more about the ZULUDIVER 328 Italian Rubber Watch Strap.

Zennor Quick Release FKM Rubber Watch Strap by ZULUDIVER


Speaking of rubber straps, if you’d prefer one that’s more traditional, then there’s our Zennor FKM strap. This no-nonsense strap is a great accompaniment to the Sinn U50, and the deep black of the strap goes well with the rich black dial of the U50.

Click here to purchase the Zennor Quick Release FKM Rubber Strap.

Let us know your favourite combinations in the comments below, and be sure to suggest the next watch for us to include in the strap showcase series.

To find out more about the Sinn U50 head over to our full review here.

Click here to learn more about Sinn.

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