Omega Speedmaster Strap Showcase

Omega Speedmaster Strap Showcase

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James Mulvale




Strap Showcase

James Mulvale




Strap Showcase

Looking for a new strap for your Speedy? Then check out these stunning pairings!

2021 saw the release of the updated Omega Speedmaster featuring the new co-axial caliber 3861 movement, the first movement update for the watch in decades…

You’d be forgiven for thinking this was the same watch as its predecessor, since it is so similar. ...but actually with the all new bracelet, and subtle dial details such as the applied polished omega logo, this was enough to send hardcore Speedmaster fans into frenzy.

We have already done a full review of the watch which you can check out here, so today we thought we’d sit down and go over some of the best strap choices for this watch!

Being completely monochromatic, the range of straps that this watch looks good on is basically endless - and each one has the potential to completely change the feel of the watch. In this article we’ve made sure to choose a range of our classic straps that each give the watch a different style.

The Besford Leather Watch Strap

First up is the Besford Premium Quality Genuine Leather Watch Strap in Chestnut Brown. This is one of the highest quality straps available on our website so was a natural fit to a watch of this caliber.

Omega Speedmaster 3861 on WatchGecko Besford Leather Strap in Chestnut - Image Credit: WatchGecko Online Magazine 

The Besford is an extremely classic and dressy strap with a versatile edge thanks to the wrinkled top grain leather. The white stitching is a perfect match to the white dial detail of the Speedmaster and presents the perfect choice for someone looking to dress the watch up.

The ZULUDIVER Elastic Military Nylon Watch Strap

For the second choice I thought I'd go with something quite different and bring in a bit of military DNA. This is the ZULUDIVER Elastic in green and yellow, created using an elasticated woven webbing material.

Omega Speedmaster 3861 on ZULUDIVER Elastic Military Nylon Strap in Green and Yellow - Image Credit: WatchGecko Online Magazine 

The material used makes this an extremely comfortable strap to wear as it will perfectly fit your wrist even as it expands throughout the day, and is reminiscent of the elasticated straps famously worn by the french military.

The strap adds a welcome touch of colour without overpowering the dial and is a great choice for someone needing a to-it-all option as this has the added bonus of spring bar safety.

The ZULDIVER Padded Sailcloth Watch Strap

Next up, we have the ZULUDIVER Padded Sailcloth Strap. This is another do-it-all option as the Sailcloth material is renowned for its strong and durable properties, but this time it plays on the monochromatic look of the Speedmaster to be a much more subtle option.

Omega Speedmaster 3861 on ZULUDIVER Padded Sailcloth Strap with Contrasting Grey Stitching - Image Credit: WatchGecko Online Magazine 

Like a Military Nylon this strap is water resistant and extremely hard wearing, but you have the added bonus of it being a two-piece strap so it is more versatile for dressier situations.

Simple Handmade Italian Leather Watch Strap

For my fourth choice we are focusing on the vintage feel of the Speedmaster with our Simple Handmade Italian Leather Strap. This strap is made using the highest quality waxed Italian calf leather which will only improve in appearance the more you wear it.

Omega Speedmaster 3861 on WatchGecko Simple Handmade Italian Leather Strap in Chocolate Brown - Image Credit: WatchGecko Online Magazine 

The leather has a slight pull-up effect so when bent it will develop its own unique look and mixed with the beige stitching is the perfect option for lovers of vintage style watches.

The strap is exceptionally comfortable thanks to this high quality leather being used on both the top and bottom sides of the strap and is available in a range of colours. Here I have gone with the chocolate brown option to add a touch of colour but still keep it subtle.

And finally, probably the most obvious choice - a Classic Bond style Military Nylon strap.

Premium ZULUDIVER Military Herringbone Military Nylon strap

This is our Premium ZULUDIVER Military Herringbone Bond Military Nylon which sits within the seat belt range. Meaning that this strap is made with the high strength and silky smooth nylon that makes this range so popular.

The grey stripes on the black base complement the monochrome colour scheme of the watch perfectly while not overpowering any details on the dial. This style of strap is one of our best sellers and it’s pretty clear to see why.

So many straps would look awesome with this iconic watch, and we've hardly scratched the surface. However, we hope we've given you a flavour of what is possible. But this is just our opinion - be sure to let us know what you would pair this watch to in the comments below!

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