A look at one of the most popular fashion watches: Daniel Wellington

A look at one of the most popular fashion watches: Daniel Wellington

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Alice Anderson
Alice Anderson

Simplistic, Affordable and Versatile. The perfect everyday watch...

The Brand

Daniel Wellington is a very successful Swedish watch company founded by Filip Tsander in 2011.

The designs are affordable, unisex and minimalist that are likely to fit in at any occasion. Daniel Wellington uses the majority of their advertising by targeting the younger generation on social media networks, especially Instagram. This involves gifting their products to influencers which have a significant amount of followers to showcase their watches through photos. Currently their Instagram is at 4.9 million followers and have 2,299,662 posts tagged #danielwellington.

If you desire a watch that would be able to match with most of your day-to-day outfits then Daniel Wellington may be perfect for you, due to their simplistic designs it would be difficult to find clothing that does not suit the watch! The silver and black dial together compliments my other accessories well and can be treated as the finishing touch to your outfit.


A number of factors appealed to me regarding this watch. I like the completely black dial design paired with the thin silver hands and indicies, I think it gives the perfect minimal look I am after. I also believe the mesh strap suits this design perfectly and can make this piece really stand out.

The casing of the watch is extremely thin and light... you forget you have a watch sitting on your wrist! The comfort of a watch is very important to me and not being fully aware and distracted by the watch was a positive aspect for me. As this is a thin watch it fits comfortably under my sleeve.

The mesh strap fitted to the watch I found to be one of the most comfortable strap I've worn yet, I think that may be because of the length adjustment mechanism. You are able to adjust the strap by sliding the clasp to the exact size you wish!

The majority of Daniel Wellington Watches are unisex, so both men and women can enjoy these simple yet elegant timepieces. Almost every watch has the option of at least two different sizes, which make their watches even more versatile. The price of these watches can be considered affordable to the average person which is understandable for a fashion watch, ranging from around £90-£170.

Some collectors believe the packaging of a watch has significant importance. Slight differences in material and shape can give very different first impressions, however I was pleasantly surprised with the packaging of the watch. within a black cardboard sleeve was the black box with ‘Daniel Wellington’ engraved in the centre in gold. Inside the watch was wrapped around a suede filler. When you pull out the centre holding the watch underneath is revealed a black envelope holding a ‘Owners Guide’ and a small explanation of the ‘Link Watch’.

I feel as though this Daniel Wellington watch provides everything I look for in a watch, as everyone has a different checklist when it comes down to what characteristics or feeling they wish their watch to provide. It is perfect for someone who wants to start out their watch collection for an all-round everyday watch.

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