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ZULUDIVER Swiss Style Premium NATO Strap

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  • ZULUDIVER 178 Swiss-style Premium NATO strap

    Our tried and tested Swiss-style premium design combines proven NATO nylon material and upgraded stainless steel hardware for enhanced looks and wearability.

    This Swiss-style NATO also has a slightly different design to our standard strap: specifically, the first stainless steel keeper is movable to help you secure the strap tail exactly as you want it.

    It's a versatile strap in the best tradition of a design that has its origins during WW2 and was formalised by British Ministry of Defence Standard (DefStan) 66-15 in 1973. When you invest (for a fraction of the price of a similar strap from a certain Swiss Luxury brand) in one or more of our Swiss-style NATOs you get a strap that's simultaneously durable, easily changeable, strong and often used during sporting activities.

    Not sure how to wear a NATO watch strap? Take a look at our helpful guide.

    The time-tested design (with its double layer of material passing through your watch's lugs) ensures added security for your watch if a spring bar should 'pop out' during vigorous activity.

    As with all our NATOs, this example of the classic military watch strap has been carefully crafted with sturdy stitched joints for a long service life. Whether you buy one, two or three NATO bands to complement favourite watches, these straps are a great investment for any watch fan - and give you the opportunity to 'dress down' a watch when the standard leather strap or metal bracelet isn't appropriate.

    More Info
  • Length(s) 330mm
    Thickness 1mm approx
    Material Type Nylon
    Material Finish Nylon Fabric
    Edge Finish Cut Edge
    Padding Style None
    Stitching Colour Matching
    Tongue Width 2mm
    Clasp Type Buckle
    Clasp Material Stainless Steel
    Fittings Supplied Spring Bars
    Strap Style NATO
    Strap Material Nylon
    Strap Style NATO G10
  • Very happy and satisfied!


    Super comfy and excellent hardware. Branding in the hardware adds a touch of class. Just found the straps were a bit too thin for my liking and I went ahead and purchased the 198s or was it the 189s...
    Oh yeah! The spring bars thrown in were a good idea too..incase you have your spring bars flying across the room...

    Black/Grey Brushed perfection!


    What to say when all I do is stare in amazement at my modded Seiko SKX007 which has become a new found pleasure! I ordered the Black/Grey Brushed version and my watch has a polished Black Coin Edge Bezel with a Black Ceramic Insert, Black Polished and Signed Crown, a Tuna dial with day and date complication and it looks absolutely out of this world! The quality of the strap is much better than the pictures on the site and the brushed hardware are slightly better than the pictures. Having said that, the pictures already looked superb, so you can all understand how much more excited I was to actually hold the product in my hand and wear it eventually. I have bought a 100 euro stainless steel rice bead bracelet which now sits in my top drawer and I have no clue when it will make its apearance again. Thank you for such a quality product and for the great and fast service. Price could very well be over 100 euros.

    Stands Out From Other NATOs


    Excellent quality and looks. I purchased the 20mm black strap and it looks great on anything I put it on. My favotite part of this strap vs. other straps from Watch Gecko is the hardware. Nice thick metal, cool angles, great brushed finish, and the engraved "zuludiver" logo on the buckle and loop make it really stand out from other standard black NATOs. Considering purchasing more colors!

    Beyond Impressed


    Beyond impressed with my ZuluDiver and second strap from WatchGecko. I can’t believe how comfortable it is and it’s quality is outstanding. I’ll definitely be purchasing many more straps.

    Top quality


    Absolute top quality strap and looks great on the watch. Great service as well

    Just perfect!


    Got mine with the Kickstarter Diver, but it was my favourite, nice quality and hardware looks the business. I only wish you could do it in the original vintage Bond pattern. And I’m not sure why a few reviews say it’s fittings are in a weird place or they are not fitting well, I’ve got no problem with the way it is, I have smallish wrists but it fits and looks fine and tucks in very nicely, but that may depend how you fit it and wear it as there’s a few ways, but I’m very happy with mine.

    Good quality NATO with non-typical hardware setup


    This is one of the better quality NATO straps in its price range. I really like the quality of the hardware used on this one, and the squared buckle and keepers make it stand out from other NATOs. The strap itself would benefit from being slightly thicker, and the material composition could be tweaked to make it more comfortable, That being said, the strap wears comfortably.

    The setup of this strap is non-typical; the upper part is longer than the typical NATOs, which means that when worn on the writst, the buckle is much more likely to coincide with where it would be with non-NATO straps, i.e., in the middle of the underside of your wrist. I find this position to be more comfortable, and the low profile of the buckle helps. However, I found the spacing of the buckle and the top two keepers a bit odd, and it feels that they are too far apart. Of course one of these keepers is adjustable, but even with that flexibility of adjustment, the spacing takes getting used to. Another issue I have is that the keepers are too high, especially the bottom one that sits below the watch. All keepers are actually the same height, but since you pass only a single layer of the strap from the bottom one, you end up with a significant gap within the keeper.

    Having said all this, I would still recommend this strap. And as always, the service from WatchGecko was superb.

    worth !


    Having handled the original nato straps of high-end watch brand that go for above 200euro this one holds up equal to them ! Holes a made correctly , with no loose thread floating around. The weave is rigid and tight , making it easy to size the strap with the coin sandwitch trick. Just did mine and it came out perfect. the strap has plenty of length to size to any write, Although on a female wrist you will be sizing into to holes portion,
    Will get the other colors definitely !

    A Cut Above


    Having treated myself to a 'happy new job' watch, I thought I'd treat said watch to a premium Nato strap. I've owned plenty of G10s but the quality and finish of this one is outstanding. The strap material itself is very nice being neither too thick nor too thin. The fitting are excellent, machined and brushed stainless steel with what appears to be laser engraving. I'd definitely buy another.

    Costs waaaay too much for the quality of materials


    The dimensions of this thing are near perfect. Finally, a company makes a strap where the buckle doesn't end at the side of your wrist. This one actually opposes the watch, which make for a much more sturdy and visually appealing strap. They actually went a little too far where the strap goes past the middle of my 6.7 inch wrist. A centimeter shorter and this is bang on.

    The big gripe I have with this is the quality of the nylon at this price point. I can get thicker, better quality nato's at half this price. The hardware may not be as nice, but the nylon is equal or greater quality than this thin nylon.

    The distance between the 12 and 6 o'clock keepers (where the watch sits) is also almost perfect as well. Most companies make this too short. This one is just about right.

    I give this a meh...

    If they would have used these dimensions (maybe a little shorter from buckle to 12 o'clock keeper) with their seatbelt type straps, they'd have hit it out of the park.

    Good Strap


    Excellent quality and at this price point there is little to complain about!! I will definitely buy another one in the future. Let’s see how this strap holds up long term.

    Top quality vintage grey strap


    I've owned a lot of NATO straps in the past few years and this is the best one yet (with the exception of the "seatbelt" material which is a whole different story.

    I believe this is better quality than the thinner Geckota straps, and comfier than the (similar) 2014 NATO at Timefactors. Love the grey colour - very much a vintage "admiralty grey" in my view. Delighted. Would like to compare to the ToxicNato equivalent but they are always out of stock, it seems!

    Note: I have a reasonably small diameter wrists (just over 6.5 inches) and so was worried about the 330mm length of the strap. However, no reason to worry - placement of the holes and space to tuck in the excess meant that I even had a couple of holes to spare!

    Top notch James Bond on a budget


    Looks a million dollars on my Geckota Vintage Diver, probably the best Nato strap iv ever had, top quality hardware and not your cheap rubbish, but then again WatchGecko products are top notch no matter what you buy from them.

    Could'a been a contender


    Excellent but with one caveat. I like the strap material and length and the hardware and I especially like the movable loop as I reverse fold my NATOs. BUT, as there is no indent on the buckle to seat the tang (the bit that goes through the holes in the strap) whenever the buckle goes near to my (or my wife's or daughters') hair it catches the hair between the tang and the buckle which is really quite painful.
    With that issue sorted this wold be a first rate NATO and reasonable value at £24, without ...



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    Spedizione fulminea
    Al prossimo acquisto

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    That says "Add-to-Cart" ?
    - Click it.
    - Wait a few days
    - You come here and write the review.

    Because am on a honey moon with this Zulu strap. After the honey moon, I will most probably come back and sponser its twins. It bring tear to my eyes, cant wait for the family reunion..

    Good service, overall a good strap however slightly too long.


    Shipping was very swift. Overall the strap is wonderful. Nice construction, nice stitching, a very unique colour. A very different offering compared to the normal NATOs. Worth the premium paid. However, the strap is a little long and the holes start quite far out. Luckily my wrist is 6.75" and managed to use the last third hole. I use it on my Omega Speedmaster and I own the Omega NATO. Overall similar, just a different league of stitching but both are comfortable in their own rights.

    Don't compare with standard G10


    Don't expect standard G10 Nato quality. The strap is to thin/expensive, the 'shifting' hardware is needless. For me the strap 100% useless.

    The only thing, it's good hardware quality.

    Fantastic strap and worth every cent!


    My Omega Seamaster Professional Chronograph now has this strap. Even better than the OEM Omega nato strap (too thick in My opinion)! Thickness of this strap is just right. Love it.

    The Nuts


    I have been a watch collector for a few years now, I have bought many straps and had them made for my watches, I have been looking for a bond NATO strap abc came across the Swiss Zuludiver so I jumped in a bought it, the reviews was good and a few not so good I don't no why the strap is the nuts it fits perfectly I love it!!! So thanks guys one happy customer who will be back

    The best NATO I own


    This is an outstanding quality NATO and by far the best out of the 20-odd I own. The strap material is significantly thicker than other NATOs and the buckle and loops are more substantial, which I think is a really good thing, as not only does it hold the watch far better but I also feel more reassured compared with when I wear thinner straps.

    I wear mine on a TAG Aquaracer WAP2010, which I find actually struggles to look as good as some divers on a NATO due to the silver bezel (it looks like it is missing something compared with the likes of a Seamaster 300 or a Submariner with a striking black bezel), however this strap holds the watch so well I'm really pleased with how they complement each other.

    i love this


    the best the best tehe best the best, only the best

    Excellent Nato Strap


    I bought this strap in July 2016. The service provided by WatchGecko was very good. I have worn the strap on a Seiko SKX007 almost every day since and it is very a robust and good looking strap.

    The buckle and keepers and very solid, and make for an attractive addition to overall look of the strap.

    I would highly recommend buying this strap.



    Prototype Perfect. Hopefully more of the same will follow with solid and a mixture of colours.
    Great quality, perfect length and well made.
    Great sale price.

    Perfect strap for the Citizen Nighthawk


    I purchased this strap for a Citizen Nighthawk. The Strap Keepers were a perfect match for the angles of the Nighthawk case. Watchgecko was out of brushed version, so I ordered the bright version and used some Micro Mesh to brush the top surfaces, but left the sides bright to match the end of the Nighthawk lugs. Looks and wears great.

    Great hardware


    I realt love the hardware on this strap.
    It ads that extra touch of quality I mis in other NATO's. I definitely would love to see some solid colors like this (Beige, dark grey, black, Burgundy)

    Only NATO That Compares Favorably to My Omega NATO


    Best NATO strap I've ever purchased in terms of fit, finish, strap length, hardware and appearance. I've been wearing it with my Speedmaster in place of the OEM NATO I own. Upgraded hardware and extra fabric make huge difference. Only suggestion is to reinforce eyelets, which show wear after few weeks of use. Please begin making these in solid colors.



    Far better quality than others I have had before. End just reaches second keeper for me so no tucking the end back or trimming the length needed. Wearing it the watch and the second floating keeper hold nicely in place nothing moves about.

    Love this nato


    Love this nato, looks great on pretty much every watch I own. Very comfortable and neat, smart enough looking, couldn't recommend more.

    Amazing strap but...


    The strap is brilliant, bar a few small niggles which I think have already been mentioned. The sliding keeper seems like a waste of time and I would do away with it if I were making the strap.

    Also the strap doesn't seem like it 300mm as its not as long as my other Zulus, probably due to the positioning of the keepers either side of the watch face being so far apart.

    I would keep the tried and tested standard Zulu NATO design, but use the new hardware. That would be a totally amazing strap!

    Simply fantastic!


    Without question the best Nato strap I've ever tried on. The strap itself is very soft and comfortable and after a few weeks of daily wear its clear to see this is a very robust strap too. The hardware is of a very high quality finish, I normally go for brushed as polished hardware on a nato can look cheap, but I would highly recommend to go for polished on this strap because it just is such a quality finish its a shame not to show it off.

    Some reviewers have criticised the hardware location and I fully understand what they are saying, it is the small under strap that is of longer length than all my other natos so the buckles sit further around the wrist - but actually, after my initial skepticism, I'd never want it any different. Them being further around looks much more classy and it balances the watch better on the wrist. Usually my watch slips towards the edge of my wrist but with this setup it stays in the middle even with a looser fitting if you prefer that, due to the bulk and weight being further around. Regardless, it would be an easy mod to change it, just sew the buckle on 1cm down and its like any other Nato. As a side point, I wonder if the dimensions of this strap are taken from the Nato used on the Omega Seamaster 300 Spectre? Certainly explains the 'swiss style' in the name, I can't think what else its getting at!

    As for the second buckle from the top, it can slide up and down. I didn't notice this at first and was annoyed I couldn't get the strap to reach it, but being able to adjust is just genius - every strap should do this. It never moves on its own also, so, great!

    The one thing I'd change to make this perfect, is make the buckle that sits under the watch (with the inscription on it) thinner. I like to keep it folded up towards the watch so there is no gap, but even better a tight fit that the strap could only pass through twice. I know that requires two buckle sizes on the strap so unlikely to happen, but just throwing the idea out there.

    All in all, I love this strap. Its genuinely made me dislike all of my others sadly, so all I ask is, please keep the dimensions of this as they are, and roll out some more colours! I wills be back for another few for sure, even at full price I could not resist.

    Who would have thought I could say so much about a simple strap? Well, yeah, its THAT good.

    Amazing quality, but needs a couple of tiny tweaks.


    I've never been convinced of the benefits of higher quality NATO straps and have usually just bought the cheapest off ebay. However, this strap has changed all that, as the quality is night and day. The material is softer, the finishing is better. The hardware is especially lovely and really makes a humble NATO into something much more in keeping with an expensive diver.

    However, there are a couple of downsides with this prototype version, mainly relating to how it fits on very slim wrists. My wrist is only 6'' is circumference and I found that there wasn't sufficient buckle holes to have the strap fit snugly. I used a heated iron nail to melt a new hole, no problem, but the buckle now is pretty much touching the third of the keepers. With just a couple of tiny tweeks to cut another buckle hole and to slightly reposition the keepers, this would be the best value NATO on the market by far, even at the full £24 price.

    Just Superb!


    I really cannot recommend this strap highly enough! The quality is just fantastic and it is the most comfortable NATO I've ever owned. I have had a number of people notice it and ask where I got it from. Really can't believe it only cost me £10!! I bought the 22mm version for my Omega Planet Ocean and it looks the business! A fraction of the cost of an Omega Bond strap and I've compared them.... there is no discernible difference at all! Already ordered another as a gift.
    Advice.... If you're after a bond NATO just get one of these now before the price goes up! (Still be a bargain at £24 though!)

    The perfect NATO strap


    The strap itself is very soft and comfortable yet retains its shape and structure very well. It also has a lovely subtle sheen that gives a very premium feel to the material. I opted for the polished hardware and find the fit and finish to be superb. The slight angular edges to the keepers are a particular highlight and, personally, I love that the keepers are moveable too. Finally the buckle is chunky and angular and looks incredible. The buckle also sits in the middle of my wrist, unlike standard NATOs that sit off to the side. I love the balance this gives the NATO, which has always put me off standard versions. A superb strap.

    great strap, awesome hardware!


    I agree with other reviews with regards to the location of the hardware, but apart from that, it's an awesome strap, and the best hardware I've ever seen on nato/zulu straps. definitely a keeper!

    (no pun intended).

    Awesome strap at an amazing price


    Absolutley love this strap. Previously purchased the prototype seatbelt zulu strap and was so impressed with the quality I went ahead and purchased the zuludiver 178 strap. Blown away by the quality and fit. The material is soft and strong, the buckle (I think it is better than the seatbelt buckle as it is thicker) The length of the strap is perfect for my wrise and the polished stainless steel is really eye catching. Will definitely be purchasing more straps and even think I will buy another of these in IP Black :)

    Very impressed


    Very impressed with this strap on my Omega Planet Ocean. Very comfortable and fits perfectly.

    Very satisfied


    I purchased one of these recently PROTOTYPE: ZULUDIVER SEAT BELT NATO and I am very satisfied, quick delivery and just as described. My only problem was when I initially put it on the wrong way round but a quick trip to youtube sorted that out. The strap fits my Classic Pebble perfectly and makes it look more distinctive. If I feel like another change of style I will be using your site again. Thanks very much.

    Excellent strap


    Gorgeous hardware. Makes my Orient Black Mako look like an expensive Swiss watch. Fits perfectly on my 7" wrist. The adjustable keeper is a bonus, in my opinion. For under $10 I got it for, this is a steal. Highly recommend!



    A very comfortable and good looking watch strap. I have to agree with previous reviews, the positioning of the hardware could be better



    Amazing strap. The best NATO ever seen. Congrats

    The best Bond Nato out there


    The material, colour and haredware is just outstanding for this strap. It really comapres to high end brand natos (e.g. Omega) which I own. This strap became my daily driver and with the black hardware just fits with the black Damasko watch that I own. Would definitely pay three times the price for it. I do not see why others argue about the positioning of the keepers, I do not have any problems with that issue, I had at first but then realized that you can move the second keeper (which feels stuck when worn) and position it close or far as you need depending on your wrist size (and ultimately excess strap to fold back).

    Good strap....weird placement of keepers


    The hardware is excellent and the strap quality is very good. I agree with other reviews that the problem is the hardware placement. It leaves very little strap end to tuck back into the first keeper. I don't have a huge wrist either.

    I do love the hardware. and the strap material is comfortable. If you would combine this with the your other prototype strap material then this might become the best strap on the market for the price.

    Extremely high quality strap at exceptional value


    This strap is without doubt the best nato strap I have ever had. The quality is so good that I put it on my old Omega Planet Ocean transforming it in to an everyday watch. The strap fits very well on my large writ and feels really secure due to the solid clasp and keepers. This strap is absolutely solid and extremely good value for money, I have bought more expensive nato straps and the quality of this strap is right up there with the best of them.

    Great strap


    This is the best of the prototype strap batch I bought.

    Fit and finish in I'm black is amazing. It fits perfectly and looks great on a variety of watches.

    Keep up the good work

    Almost perfect!!


    A very comfortable and good looking watch strap. I have to agree with previous reviews, the positioning of the hardware could be better

    Awesome Nato strap


    This is a cracking strap. It is comfortable and soft in comparison & looks great on my Sinn 857 with the black hardware. It is just the right size for my wrist. The squared off hardware makes it the strap look rugged.
    I have many Nato straps, but this is by far the best so far.
    I will definitely buy others in the future.

    Great materials, poor execution


    As others have said, the strap and hardware are of very high quality. However, the positioning of the keepers means I probably won't use it. They are just too far away from the buckle and the strap end slides out. Fix that, though, and you're on to a winner and I'd love to see more options.

    Very, very impressed!


    Bought this to accommodate a Seiko watch I just lost love for (hated the bracelet)
    This NATO suited it to a tee, amazing build quality and feels so comfortable!
    Brilliant customer service and fast delivery, what more do you want!

    Well made but weird setup!


    Just resigned this strap to the drawer unfortunately. Don't get me wrong, this is probably the best made nato you can buy. The hardware is excellent and the strap quality is very good. The problem is, as stated by others reviewers, the weird placement of the keepers and the holes. I have smallish wrists but normally I have 4 or 5 spare holes left when I'm wearing my watch. With this one I'm on the second tightest and there is still very little to tuck into the keepers. It needs some serious tweeting to get it right, but when you do, I'll snap one up in a minute!

    Bond on a Budget


    Very nice strap indeed..especially those hardware. Strap is a bit stiff but not a deal breaker. The adjustable keeper closest to the buckle seems to be a hit or miss. For me, it's a hit..maybe because i have a tiny 6 1/4 inches wrist. The keeper can be adjusted nicely to accommodate which ever style of tucking that I prefer. Definitely one of the best Bond strap out there.

    Great quality strap with a couple of minor niggles


    Great quality nylon, feels substantial and tough, but still flexible. I'd echo two downsides, one there is not quite enough to tuck, and the Zulu diver label initially looks cool but when it slides out the side it quickly becomes annoying and spoils the look. That said I'd buy another in a heartbeat!



    The strap I purchased is black and gray striped, 20mm size, with brushed hardware. Excellent service as usual, including very fast shipping and careful packaging.
    Despite its classic color and material, the hardware makes this strap a completely different thing. The lines of the buckle and keepers are (relatively) sharp-cornered, and more substantial than the standard NATO hardware. The keepers are unusually placed, and the one nearest to the buckle is free to slide. The new placement allows for new wearing possibilities, which I enjoyed experimenting with until I found a most comfortable setup that really worked for me. Needless to say, the nylon fabric is top-quality and a pleasure to wear. This strap really stands out on the wrist. Great job, WatchGecko!

    Attractive but needs fine tuning.


    I agree with other reviewers that the top keeper definitely needs to be repositioned lower to allow for a more secure and attractive tuck. Aside from that, the strap looks great. The hardware is some of the best I've seen on a nato, and the contrast between the black and grey really stands out. Stitch up that tag and sort out the keepers and this will be the best nato on the market.

    The BEST!


    The BEST NATO strap ever. Period.
    Quality hardware, strap material and build. For the first time I've worn a NATO strap that actually fits properly. The quality buckle is located as it should and the extra layering of the strap at the bottom of the wrist makes the watch head less "wobbly" and aesthetically pleasing to look at too. Perfect!

    nice idea, but execution needs tweaking


    The straps are nice for $13, but the keepers are spaced odd, which leaves little to no tail of the strap to tuck. I will eventually solve this by unstitching them and re-sewing them in. My wrist is 6.5", so I imagine this will present an issue for anyone with a manly wrist. The fabric is a bit stiffer then the other zuludiver straps, which is a let down. The zuludiver tag is a nice touch in form, but in function it sucks. It constantly slides out from the the underside of the watch, looking awkward. I've since cut the label off all my WG starps. Last, these can be improved with the utilization of a screwbar to secure the tang, vice a springbar. The hardware itself is very nice.



    The perfect NATO, heavy nylon and solid metal for the hardware.

    Great quality but strange move away from standard buckle and bracket positioning


    Whilst the quality is fantastic both from the nylon and the hardware used, I was disappointing with the stitched positioning of the top fixed bracket (buckle end). It pushes the watch down the strap centering it! This means you do not get enough strap to link back like the other 11" straps you make? I can't see the point of the sliding bracket either? It makes the strap feel a little uncomfortable. If this strap had been made to the same sizing/measurement specifications of other Zulus, it would have been the best I'd ever seen for finish and quality. Please make it the same as your others and you are then on to a winner for sure!

    Great strap with a few mods required


    Great feeling on the wrist and I like the fact that the buckle sits at the bottom of ny wrist. However the downside to this for me seems to be that there is little strap to tuck in. I have several watchgecko NATOs because they are 300mm long which is ideal for me but this one coukd do with an extra 15mm for me or simply repositioning the keepers would be a more practical solution



    From the quality of the materials to the execution of the finish, the Zuludiver Swiss Style NATO from WatchGecko is simply the best NATO on the market. The polished stainless finish matched to a similar watch works brilliantly adding a real touch of class to what is essentially a utilitarian product. The Bond NATO has never looked better. Quite simply superb. Well done guys!

    The best by far


    This is by far the best nato I have tried. 22mm on my longines and it looks very expensive. Watch gecko have nailed it, well done. I'm about to buy another in 20mm for my omega. Thankyou



    Very pleased with this purchase. Top quality and looks. Looking forward for more color options!

    Quality NATO the new hardware gives premium feel


    Very nice quality NATO the hardware is very high quality some of the best I have seen on a NATO have tried on Sinn 556i and Compliments watch. Would be good if you could produce solid colours in dark grey black and olive green with the same upgrade to hardware.

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ZULUDIVER is a UK brand of diving and outdoors watch straps. This brand specialises in high quality NATO and ZULU watch straps in a wide variety of colours and designs.

Many ZULUDIVER nylon watch straps are made to exclusive specifications in the factories that make nylon watch straps for leading watch brands.

As the popularity of NATO and ZULU watch straps continues to grow, ZULUDIVER has extended the range of these styles, all made to a high specification.

Swiss NATO High Quality Hardware

The Swiss style ZULUDIVER NATO range is fitted with new, custom made, premium-quality hardware. Made with high-grade 316L stainless steel, each metal part is carefully brush finished. The buckle and one of the 3 keepers are deep etched with the ZULUDIVER logo.

Freedom of Adjustment

Unlike traditional NATOs, the ZULUDIVER Swiss style NATO strap design has one movable keeper providing additional adjustment. The movable keeper allows any additional length to be neatly tucked away, regardless of the size of your wrist.


A woven label is sewn into the inside of the strap. Look out for the ZULUDIVER label as a sign of your Swiss style NATO's quality.

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