The already immensely popular Sinn 104 is now available in a special metallic green dial, ensuring its popularity remains high...

As we found out recently in the 10 for 10 series, Sinn is a brand who is excellent at listening to and understanding their customer demands.

One of the things that are translated from the end consumer is the love for the 104 range.

A super durable, well-sized watch which conveys Sinn's ethos brilliantly. And now you can pick up a brand new metallic green dial option. But be quick, this thing looks incredible and only 500 will exist...

A quick look at the stats...

The Sinn 104 St Sa A G Limited Edition Baselworld 2019 - Image credit: WatchGecko Online Magazine

The Sinn 104 St Sa A G is a very familiar watch because the main difference is that new metallic green dial. Width, lug to lug, thickness and movement remain unchanged. With only 500 being made Sinn also have engraved the rotar of the movement. Now, for the metallic green dial. In person the dial's glow is incredible, it plays with the light almost independently.

The dial has a very forest green, natural tone to it and yet still manages to feel glamorous and widely appealing. The watch is fitted to a great vintage light brown leather strap which has pull up properties. The black stitching around the top of the strap picks up on the dark bezel and tones to the dial amazingly well. A very coherent package Sinn.

The Sinn 104 Green Dial On Wrist

The Sinn 104 St Sa A G Limited Edition Baselworld 2019 - Image credit: WatchGecko Online Magazine

As you can probably imagine, on the wrist the 104 feels just right. It's a very familiar watch for many of us, however, this new dial just makes it different enough to be a justified addition. In certain light, the dial is that vibrant metallic green, and yet turn your wrist the right way and you've got a standard black 104. Combine that with a strap change, and you easily have one watch that can feel like two...

This is a limited edition model that I'm sure people can get behind. Sinn hasn't done too much with this one, which is why its a fantastic example of Sinn's understanding of their end consumer.

With only 500 available, make sure you pick one up asap if you're interested, they won't last long.

Find out more about the Sinn 104 St Sa A G here!

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