Take your watch passion to the next level with these exciting new additions to the UCHI Horology series!

Over the years we’ve regularly mentioned the happenings of a clothing brand, creative outlet and good friend UCHI. It was two years ago now when UCHI (and the man behind the brand, Michael Langley) introduced his first horology themed collection suitably named: The Horology Series. These completely unique designs combined inspiration from the Heuer Monaco and the bygone era of motorsports allowing the design to be enjoyed on t-shirts and posters alike. Pieces inspired by the SKX and the modding community also were released, aligning UCHI’s passion for Japan effectively.

The New UCHI Horology T-Shirts - Image Credit: WatchGecko Online Magazine

After a successful launch, Michael channelled his passion for art and watches in the form of another artistic release celebrating the Speedmaster. 50 years after the first Speedmaster made its way onto the moon this collection aimed to honour one of the most iconic watches ever in a simple yet effective way.

Which leads us nicely to 2020 and UCHI’s new additions to the Horology series. We chatted to Michael to learn more about this new collection of six designs to hear just why it makes him tick.

The New UCHI Horology T-Shirts - Image Credit: WatchGecko Online Magazine

What was the inspiration behind your new horology pieces?

So far, I've referenced just a small number of iconic watches. I have a list of watches that I haven't yet touched on and it keeps getting bigger. (So, I am eager to tick these off the list.) I'm also inspired by the subtleties in iconic watches and what makes them recognisable.

Your horology range of t-shirts initially started in 2018 and since then has grown into many unique designs over t-shirts and posters. Why is now the right time to further extend this collection?

I've now got so many ideas swimming around in my head it feels a little cluttered and I need to unload. Compared to 2018, there seem to be a lot more horology prints and T-shirts available now, so I feel the time is right.

What can we expect from this new collection?

A more minimalist range of T-shirts with subtle yet hopefully still recognisable references to iconic wristwatches. Expect a continuation of art prints of classic wristwatches as well as horology themed art prints. Some special limited edition art prints including a new exploration of the SKX and Speedmaster “Moonwatch”.

The New UCHI Horology T-Shirts - Image Credit: WatchGecko Online Magazine

How long have these new designs been in the works?

Some ideas have been around for at least a year and have branched off to form new ideas. Some are only weeks old.

What has the whole process from the initial idea, designing and production looked like?

Starting with a particular watch and after conversations and research, I try to focus on the watch features and the things that make it iconic. I try to keep a certain aesthetic that matches my other work, which usually combines technical illustration with an artistic finish, sometimes with subtle references and details that hopefully keep the artwork interesting and unique.

The New UCHI Horology T-Shirts - Image Credit: WatchGecko Online Magazine

Do you have a personal favourite piece from these new additions?

I think my favourite piece is actually still in development, so I don't want to give away too much about it yet. However, from what's completed, I like the Omega Speedmaster Bezel and Lume T-shirt.

What is next for the horology series?

What's next is continuing to improve on what works and adding to the catalogue with something different than the norm. With current print technology and screen printing inks available, it's a great time to experiment with various inks and print finishes for some unique Tees and limited edition art prints.

Where can people go to order one of your new pieces?

The best place to explore all of our horology T-shirts is to head over to our website UCHI Clothing.

The New UCHI Horology T-Shirts - Image Credit: WatchGecko Online Magazine

As Michael said himself, be sure to click here to check out the latest horology t-shirts from UCHI here.