We chat to the UK's leading expert about Speedmaster references from Omega's back catalogue

If Omega Speedmasters are your thing, whether a lifelong fan, or new to the Speedy world, this podcast is one not to be missed.

Sit back and enjoy!

There are few watches which generate as much interest or passion as the Speedmaster. Its exploits are, quite simply, unmatched in terms of accompanying intrepid human explorers.

In an ongoing series of written and audio features celebrating the history of this watch in space and at the race track, we were lucky to spend time chatting to Darren Townend, the founder and expertise behind Vintage Speedmaster (the UKs most respected centre of knowledge and provider of fine examples of this chronological icon).

In a relaxed conversation, Darren and Richard delve deep into the world of this amazing watch covering subjects as diverse as NASA qualification, unique sport special editions, Speedmaster auctions and when is a Moonwatch not a Moonwatch?

Make yourself a coffee, rehydrate your NASA rations, strap on your favourite Michael Schumacher t-shirt and get ready to embrace all things ‘Speedy’!

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