We’ve added many more watches to our YEMA selection so there’s now something to suit everyone!

French brand YEMA continues to go from strength to strength. Their unique features such as locking bezel and in-house movements offer great value for money. Plus, a huge selling point for the diverse requirements of watch enthusiasts is that many YEMA watches are available in a choice of two sizes.

Added this month, we have the following:

Yachtingraf Bronze Mechanical Chronograph

The YEMA Yachtingraf Bronze - Image Credit: WatchGecko Online Magazine

A fantastically quirky watch that combines the rarely seen regatta chronograph complication, with a bronze case and brand-new Seiko NE86 automatic movement. As if that wasn’t enough, it’s limited to just 200 pieces, so you’re unlikely to ever meet anyone else wearing the same watch as you!

Discover more about the YEMA Yachtingraf Bronze here.

Superman Skin Diver Limited Edition – 39mm and 41mm

One for the vintage revival enthusiasts. This limited edition (1,000 pieces) diver’s watch is a reissue which takes inspiration from the skin divers of the 1960s, a style which has gained favour amongst watch enthusiasts in recent years.

The Superman Skin Diver combines tool watch functionality such as 300m water resistance and sapphire bezel, with modest proportions and stylised retro design. Just check out the funky stylised numerals and 6, 9 and 12, and the unique bracelet design. Of course it wouldn’t be YEMA Superman with without the trademark bezel lock! Available in either 39mm or 41mm, with a thickness of just 13mm/13.2mm respectively.

Discover more about the YEMA Superman Skin Diver 39mm

Discover more about the YEMA Superman Skin Diver 41mm

Superman Maxi

The YEMA Superman Maxi Dial 39mm - Image Credit: WatchGecko Online Magazine

A YEMA Superman, but not as you know it. The Maxi features oversized crisp white hour markers a new blue dial for a crisp summer vibe and ultimate legibility. The date is ditched and crosshair design has been added, making it a perfect watch for lovers of symmetry.

Iconic YEMA features remain though such as the locking bezel and shovel seconds hand. The Superman MAXI features the YEMA2000 in-house automatic movement, 300m water resistance and double domed sapphire crystal. It is available in either 39mm or 41mm.

Discover more about the YEMA Superman Maxi Dial 39mm

Discover more about the YEMA Superman Maxi Dial 41mm

Rallye Mario Andretti Chronograph

YEMA excel at making affordable but stylish meca-quartz chronographs and the 39mm Mario Andretti Special Edition is no exception. A tribute to the exceptionally gifted racing driver, Andretti, his name is adorned on the dial at six o’clock with a checkered-flag logo above. The carbon fibre effect dial, rally stripes, and 70s shaped sub-registers make it clear what this watch is about!

Discover more about the YEMA Rally Mario Andretti Chronograph

Rallygraf Reverse Panda Chronograph – 39mm

This bi-compax chronograph is the most affordable in YEMA’s range but it is still fully featured. The watch is powered by Seiko’s VK64 meca-quartz, the bracelet is a high-quality mesh style, and there is a domed mineral crystal. The simple reverse ‘panda’ dial is a popular design and hints at, rather than shouts about, its racing credentials.

Discover more about the YEMA Rallygraf Reverse Panda Dial Chronograph

Navygraf Maxi Dial

The YEMA Navygraf Maxi Dial - Image Credit: WatchGecko Online Magazine

This mid-range diver’s watch features a maxi dial with bold oversized hour markers outlined in orange, with matching handset for a more modern look. Crown guards, a uni-directional rotating sapphire bezel and 300m water resistance ensure that this is a watch designed to be used. Despite this, it has a thickness of just 12mm. It’s also fitted with the YEMA2000 in-house automatic movement, incredible considering the price!

Discover more about the YEMA Navygraf Maxi Dial

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