Watch Straps For The Rolex Oyster Perpetual Date

Watch Straps For The Rolex Oyster Perpetual Date

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Strap Showcase: Let's take a look at how some watch straps can transform your Rolex Oyster Perpetual Date...

It’s not uncommon to add a vintage watch to your collection and have to concede to the fact that there is a possibility that some ‘extras’ won’t be included. Watches in the past were not regarded as being things that could be investments or hold their value as much as they are now.

The result of this? Boxes and papers can be missing, sometimes even the original oyster or jubilee bracelets may be damaged or even lost. But don’t let the lack of bracelet put you off though as there are some solid replacement watch strap options out there, even if you have a watch with an odd lug width like 19mm.

Many of the most renowned Rolex watches such as the Rolex Submariner, GMT Master and the Day-Date all command quite the premium nowadays. But owning a piece with the Rolex coronet isn’t just reserved for those with deeper pockets. Certain Rolex models can be had starting from £2,000. One of those models is this, the Rolex Oyster Perpetual Date (1500) from Watches83.

Today we take an example of an entry-level model into the world of vintage Rolex and show you our top 5 straps for the Rolex Oyster Date. Whether you bought the watch with no bracelet, or you just want a nice change of pace via a leather or a Military nylon, we have you covered.

But first, here are a few things to consider before we get into it:

  • This model specifically has 19mm lugs. This isn’t a hugely popular size but there have been models over the years with these awkward odd lug widths. When it comes to strap options, traditionally there are not many options out there for 19mm watch straps, but we have a few great examples.
  • This example of the 1500 reference is from the 1970s and comes with a stone grey dial. Although yours might not be exactly the same, many of these Oyster Perpetual Date models have similarly light, clean and universally versatile dial colours. This blank canvas like approach is ideal for us to play off with our strap choices.
  • We’ve just hinted at this, but these watches are truly timeless. If you were to look at a modern version of this watch not much has really changed. With this in mind, we’ll want to select watch straps that play into this skillset and do not take away from that elegance.

Beswick Novonappa Leather Watch Strap in Diamond Pattern Light Brown

Kicking things off we have a watch strap that puts quality as number 1. The Beswick is all about offering a refined look in a classic watch strap silhouette. It achieves this by first offering a lovely taper down the buckle. For the 19mm strap it is 16mm at the buckle, instantly complementing the elegant DNA of the 1500 reference. Neat, even colour matching stitching is found surrounding the watch strap with the final design touch being the crosshatch diamond pattern throughout. This subtle effect really adds a refreshing level of detail to the watch.

Cheswell Vintage Genuine Leather Watch Strap in Distressed Grey

Next up we have a combination that would be my recommendation if you’re someone who daily wears your Oyster Date. The Cheswell Leather in Distressed Grey is one of the most versatile watch straps available. Brown leather straps are some of the most popular along with black, however a nice grey strap really is the best of both worlds. Grey works amazingly well with black and navy focused outfits as well as other popular colours such as grey, white and cream. The point being if you have a grey strap on, the likelihood is it will suit the outfit you’re wearing.

This distressed option once again brings some texture to the watch, lifting the standard grey dial incredibly effectively.

Besford Premium Quality Genuine Leather Watch Strap in Chestnut

The Rolex Oyster Perpetual Date on the Besford Premium Quality Genuine Leather Watch Strap in Chestnut - Image Credit: WatchGecko Online Magazine

Not sold on the matching stitching look of the Beswick? Well the Besford in Chestnut might be the one for you. With contrasting white stitching to pick up on the polished stainless steel dial details and a suppleness to die for, this strap is a pleasure to wear. The watch works so well on the Besford because it really highlights its versatility. Traditionally a favourite for dress watches, the Besford adds a certain level of comfort, elegance and understated style. If this is of interest, click here.

Painswick Leather Watch Strap in Distressed Brown

The Rolex Oyster Perpetual Date on the Painswick Leather Watch Strap in Distressed Brown - Image Credit: WatchGecko Online Magazine

This next suggestion almost combines a little bit of every strap we’ve already seen into one classic option from the WatchGecko site: the Painswick Leather in Distressed Brown. Here we see matching stitching, the familiar distressed texture, a perfect thickness for vintage Rolex and a fascinating colour. Officially called Distressed Brown, this strap colour has a stunning subtle hint at brown really giving the watch that reassuring feel of familiarity. You also get quick release spring bars here for those speedy strap changes.

ZULUDIVER Classic Bond Nylon Watch Band in Satin

The Rolex Oyster Perpetual Date on the ZULUDIVER Classic Bond Nylon Watch Band in Satin - Image Credit: WatchGecko Online Magazine

Last but by no means least is the Classic Bond . Now, this is probably a combo that will divide opinions but we wanted to include it to show you how versatile the Oyster Date really is. Military style straps are available in a huge range of colours, textures and looks but here we’ve focused on simple yet effective. A solid everyday option for those looking for a welcomed change-up from the traditional leather strap.

Let us know your thoughts on the combinations in the comments below as well as which watch you’d like to see featured for the next strap showcase!

We’d like to thank Watches83 for providing the Rolex 1500 you see featured here. To find out more and to check out a vast and fascinating range of vintage watches be sure to head over to their website here.

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About the Author: Tim Vaux

About the Author: Tim Vaux

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