Season 2, EP #7: Mike France from Christopher Ward

Season 2, EP #7: Mike France from Christopher Ward

Guy Parker


Christopher Ward



C63 Sealander launch day, and Mike is already in the doghouse for revealing too much!

We were lucky enough to get an interview with Mike France ahead of the launch of the brand new C63 Sealander Collection. Two years in the making, the collection comprises a Sealander GMT, a three-hander with date (dubbed the Sealander Automatic), and a COSC certified Elite model which is made of titanium and features an incredible retractable crown. Trust us, when we say that this is episode you will not want to miss!

Sit back and enjoy!

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As well as revealing the inspiration behind the new watch range - said to be the ‘missing link’ for the brand - Mike offers a free watch to anybody who can bring him a watch from another brand that offers the same level of engineering as the new Sealander at the price point!

Mike also shares an unexpected amount of detail about pipeline projects and future plans, which include an impressive new dress watch, a collab that will feature an incredible new movement, a new ‘Christopher Ward green’ and even more bracelet tech. In fact, Mike’s tongue gets so loose during our interview that he now fears returning to Maidenhead for the next design team meeting!

Also, in an unexpected turn of events, Mike makes James’ heart beat just a little faster, by inviting talk of a possible collab with our very own WatchGecko design team (James hasn’t slept a wink since!). This is despite James’ best effort to rile Mike beforehand by asking about their controversial logo. Incidentally Mike answers in a typically open fashion, and with an answer that’s sure to please many fans.

Finally, wider discussion centres around the resurgence of smaller watch case sizes, the state of British watchmaking generally, and how Mike believes innovation will help return British watchmaking to the glory days. Plus of course audience questions!

You can find more details about the C63 Sealander collection over on the Christopher Ward website.

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