A Look At A Very Popular Fashion Watch

A Look At A Very Popular Fashion Watch

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Erika Anskaityte
Erika Anskaityte

Exploring a brand that everyone seems to have an opinion on...

It is not a secret that millennial's seek simplicity, personalisation, and transparency when choosing their favourite watch. This is where the MVMT watches come into the market. MVMT brings a unique, modern and minimalist voice to the fashion watch market.

Somehow, I had never gotten my hands on a MVMT watch until now, and the only question I had... would it live up all the hype?

MVMT pronounced as 'Movement' is the self proclaimed “fastest-growing watch brand". Since 2013, the brand has amassed more than 1.8 million likes on Facebook, and over a million followers on Instagram. Whether you agree with their watches or not, it is hard to ignore that sort of growth.

Having to wear MVMT Nola Vela watch for quite some time, I fell in love with the aesthetic and simplistic design. When choosing my watch, I did realise that it had over a dozen different designs for men and women. The Nova Vela watch stood out to me due to its sporty but yet classic look. I really like the matte finish and rose gold case as it can be worn with many different outfits whilst still being stylish but in a completely effortless way.

The watch goes for a look of quality by choosing a dark black dial with a gold coloured case. Those vibes are conveyed from the second you get your order in the mail. The watch came packed in a sleek black box with a metallic red monogram which adds to the perceived value of the watch. When I had my first glimpse of the Nova Vela itself, I was very impressed by the looks of it.
The black matte dial finish and the size was effective in making a statement without it being overpowering. However, once I had taken the watch out the box, it felt very light, almost like it had nothing inside it. The watches movement is like the brain of the watch, MVMT use the Miyota Precision Quartz movement which does not have as rich history as the Swiss counterparts. Quartz movements are much cheaper compared to Swiss movement watches. Considering that Nova Vela watch cost £129, you do not get much value for what you pay.

The casually brushed rose gold stainless-steel case paired with a black dial, and rose gold hands and markers offer a beautiful monochrome look that is right on-trend. I loved the three subdials including a small date window in case you are constantly trying to figure out what day it is.

MVMT watches are clearly going for a fashionable consumer as we don’t really see much detail on the watch. However, despite its fashionable look, some of the watches are not very practical and the quality isn’t great.

Furthermore, MVMT watches do come with interchangeable straps. I decided to change the original strap as it started to wear off quickly after the purchase. I replaced it with Geckota Sprint Leather watch strap in black to give me that comfort needed without it looking cheap.

The original strap was quite stiff to get around my wrist which also made it uncomfortable to wear it for a long period. Changing your strap can turn one model into two or three, all you have to do is chose a new strap. Geckota additionally sells the Trend Vegan Eco-Leather Watch Strap in Navy and Pink, which match the Nola Vela watch perfectly.

I am a big fan of minimalist dress watches. MVMT is a brand for millennial's therefore, if you are into current fashion trends and watches to match outfits rather than one quality watch, MVMT offer a good starting place for people. Is this going to appeal to die hard watch enthusiasts? No, I don’t think so. But MVMT aren’t trying to and it’s fair to say, there are plenty of wrists in the world for different styles and tastes.

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