With the recent launch of our G-02 divers watch featuring the PT5000 watch movement, I thought it is the perfect time to explain more about this movement and exactly why it is so special.

The PT5000 is a relatively new movement brought out by Chinese movement manufacturers H.K. Precision Technology. It is a mechanical movement with automatic and hand-winding capabilities, which beats away at an impressive 28,800 VPH to provide a buttery smooth sweep to the seconds hand. The movement has 25 jewels and is 25.6mm in diameter / 4.6mm in height. The size of the movement means that it is very versatile as it is small enough and thin enough to fit in a variety of watch cases.

This specification may seem familiar to you as it is the same specification as the popular ETA 2824-2 movement as well as the Sellita SW200 (Minus a jewel). This is because just like the Sellita this is a clone of the ETA 2824 design.

The PT5000 Watch Movement - Image Credit : WatchGecko Online Magazine

A proven formula

Just like Sellita has been doing with the SW200 for years, HK Precision Technology has created their movement based on an already proven formula. In case you are not familiar, the ETA 2824 is the benchmark of an entry level swiss made movement, this design is what you will see used in many brands throughout the years such as Tudor, Hamilton, Sinn, Stowa and more!

The movement is known as a workhorse in the industry...because it is exactly that.

It's well designed, robust, easy to source spares for, and provides incredible value for the price. It's simply a movement that will keep on ticking for years and years without any fault. And in the occasion that it needs attention, it can be looked at by pretty much any watchmaker.

The only problem with this now is supply, and that's where companies like Sellita and HKPT come in. For the past decade or so ETA has been slowing down the production of their movements with the goal to eventually stop supplying outside of Swatch group (Who they are owned by). This has created an opening for other companies to clone the design and continue the supply of this incredible movement to the rest of the industry, since the design is so old now that it is no longer protected by any sort of patent.

The PT5000 Watch Movement - Image Credit : WatchGecko Online Magazine

Taking it up a notch

Of course with the design being so easy to copy there are as many if not more poor quality clones that exist, but the quality is actually where the PT5000 has shined the most.

In a bid to challenge the perception of Chinese made movements being unreliable and inaccurate, HKPT brought their highest grade of PT5000 to Glashutte in Germany to have it's accuracy reviewed by the Chronometer Observatory (They couldn't get this done at COSC; the worlds best-known accuracy certificate system, as they only test Swiss movements).

"According to the China Horologe Association, the standard set by the Chronometer Observatory at Glashutte is the world's most rigid.

The observatory has seven testing categories, and only allows a mechanical watch a deviation ranging from minus 3.8 seconds to plus 5.8 seconds within a day"

This movement then went on to be China's first-ever watch movement to reach chronometer certification, which you can read more about this here.

The PT5000 Watch Movement - Image Credit : WatchGecko Online Magazine

So overall, this movement presents an amazing balance between price and quality, something we feel works perfectly inside of our range of Geckota watches.