Strap Showcase Episode 2: What's the go-to place for replacement watch straps for the Tudor Black Bay 58? Right here...

Tudor watches get a lot of attention here on the Online Magazine, our YouTube channel and social media. The fantastic balance between value for money, great designs, accessibility and brand heritage means they’re pretty hard for us to ignore. The other reason we like them so much is how amazing they look when you change the strap out for something more unique.

Today we’re going to take a look at the Tudor Black Bay 58 specifically and a selection of watch straps to really make the watch your own…

Things to consider.

Before we get into it, let’s go over the watches stand out features we can use when thinking of watch straps to fit the watch as well as key stats to consider:

Firstly, the watch features a lot of gilt colours on dial and bezel. This means that straps with warmer tones and colours will look great on the piece. Leather straps will be a fantastic option here. The use of colour on the Black Bay 58 doesn’t end there, as there is a subtle addition on the bezel. A red triangle can be found at 12 o’clock, although it's only small, it could be something we look to pick out with maybe a stitching colour or strap choice.

The simple, legible design of the dial means we can really have some fun with the straps and not have to worry about taking away from the watches design too much. Speaking of the dial, the Black Bay 58 has a matt black dial so we can go explore more sport straps to create some not just stylish, but also very reliable looks (perfect for the warmer months).

Geckota Highley Douglas in Olive Brown.

To start with let’s look at a range of leather straps and the Highley Douglas in Olive Brown. Normally straps either use the stitching or the strap colour to create a cohesive look. Here the Olive Brown option actually uses both, working together to create an end product that looks pretty special. The strap colour means it sometimes looks almost orange/gold in its tones which works well with the gilt on the dial. The stitching in ivory picks up on the lume colour nicely.

Next up we have the Hemlsey Leather in Light Brown.

This is a go-to strap for Tudor watches for a few reasons. The strap is an ideal thickness for the Black Bay line up. It starts around 4mm by the spring bars and tapers down the 3mm. It’s not just the thickness that tapers but also the width going from 20mm down to 16mm at the buckle. Finally, the mixture of stitching around the top of the strap and down the length of the leather means the watch almost has a stock look to it.

The Geckota Winstone MKII in Natural Grain.

The Winstone MKII is next up and specifically the Natural Grain option. This strap is a light brown/reddish brown colour with some simple double stitching where the lugs will be on the strap. The main reason this is here for the 58 is the edges of the strap and the range of variations available. The natural leather means the straps are truly unique making for some insanely cool combos.

The ZULUDIVER Desert Patrol Horween in Brown.

The Desert Patrol Horween is another two-piece strap in leather with a little twist. Here we have combined NATO style hardware and keepers to create a great looking strap. With a thickness just under 3mm, this strap is perfect for daily wear. The leather we have used for this watch strap is produced by The Horween Leather Company, one of the oldest continuously running tanneries in the United States of America.

Geckota Kington Racing in Beige.

To end the run of leather straps we have the Kington Racing in Beige. Right away, you may think this combo wouldn’t work that well on the 58, however, the bright colour of the strap really lifts the watch a lot. The racing holes tend to suit more chronographs, however, I think here it adds to the vintage charm of the watch.

The Black Bay 58 is an extremely versatile watch to have your collection (you can find more about that here). To fully enjoy this versatility you’ll need a few straps that can equally handle anything thrown at it. Let’s explore those now...

The Geckota Seaford Watch Strap in Black.

The Seaford in Black is a great transitional strap option from the outright leather straps to the durable rubbers. Here the black strap is very reminiscence of the matt black dial. The leather used for this strap has been through a patented finishing process during tanning to make it water-resistant. The soft Geckota lining on the strap means you really can wear this strap all the time.

The ZULUDIVER Tropic Rubber Strap.

The texture of the strap is very sporty, and actually quite modern with an almost carbon fibre feel. However, the strap packs a bunch of historical relevance with diving watches from the 60s and 70s in mind. The ZULUDIVER branded buckle also reflects the same finishing on the Black Bay 58 case with brushed and polished finishes.

ZULUDIVER 281 Rubber Strap.

The Tudor Black Bay 58 Diver fitted to ZULUDIVER 281 Rubber Strap - Image Credit: WatchGecko Online Magazine

Here we’ve gone for the green option as it really plays on the warmth of the watch by complimenting the gilt nicely. The perforated design and unique look of the strap reminds me of 60 and 70s design as a whole, so naturally a great match for the 58.

As the weather gets warmer, having a few go-to straps that can handle the heat and mean you can continue to enjoy your watch is pretty important. Here are our top suggestions.

Swiss Style Premium NATO - Classic Bond.

The Swiss Style Premium NATO has been in our range for some time now. This strap sticks with the tough and durable nylon material we have focused on for years but now combines chunkier hardware. The grey and black classic bond option is a solid modern look that is a step above a simpler one colour strap.

The Vintage Bond NATO.

The Tudor Black Bay 58 Diver fitted to ZULUDIVER Vintage Bond NATO - Image Credit: WatchGecko Online Magazine

Sticking with Bond colours we have the classic ZULUDIVER Vintage Bond NATO. With thousands of these flying out of the door all the time, once fitted to a watch you can really see why these are so loved. They are similar to the Grey and Black Bond NATO we just talked about, however, they add a touch more warmth.

The ZULUDIVER 328 Black Rubber

This is yet another classic in our line up of straps. The Black 328 Rubber NATO keeps it simple. What this strap misses out on in terms of colours it makes up in making the gilt colouring really pop on the wrist, brushed or polished hardware depending on what you prefer, polished for luxury.

Marine Nationale Black & Grey

If you like the Classic Bond NATO but want something a little more subtle, then take a look at the Marine Nationale in Black and Grey. This predominantly black strap really adds a new, unique stealthy look to the Black Bay 58.

Watch strap types that don't suit the Black Bay 58

When it comes to the Black Bay 58, we’d recommend avoiding the like of mesh bracelets. They work well on dressier pieces but for the Black Bay 58, they’re rather out of place. Focus on the warm tones, sporty straps and comfortable leather.

Dressy exotic style straps

Speaking of dressy mesh straps, the same can be said for leathers. Avoid the exotic straps like Ostrich Leg and Croc print. Other diving watches like the Rolex Submariner can pull off an exotic leather strap, however, the Black Bay has a pretty distinctive style. Exotic leathers look great on dress watches, but just know the Black Bay 58 will feel a lot more comfortable on one of the above straps.

Let us know which is your favourite combo in the comments below as well as letting us know what other watches you’d like to see us feature on future strap showcases!

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