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ZULUDIVER Black Seat Belt NATO Watch Strap

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  • New to our ZULUDIVER range is the Seat Belt NATO. We used silky soft black seat belt style material for this design, and it really makes a nice comfortable wear on your wrist.

    Currently available in 20 and 22mm width sizes, with solid stainless steel harware, select from either polish or satin finishes

    Take a little time to read our customer reviews for quality reassurance.

    Length: 300mm
    Thickness: 1.2mm
    Material: Nylon
    Material Type: Woven
    Material Finish: Nylon Fabric
    Material Colour: Black
    Stitching Colour: Black

    Buckle Type: Buckle
    Buckle Material: Stainless Steel
    Buckle Tongue Width: 2mm

    Special Features: Quick Drying Nylon
    Fittings Supplied: Spring Bars
    Style: NATO

    More Info
  • Length(s) 300mm
    Thickness 1.2mm
    Material Type Nylon
    Material Finish Durable Woven Nylon
    Stitching Colour Black
    Tongue Width 2mm
    Clasp Type Buckle
    Material Stainless Steel
    Special Features Waterproof
    Fittings Supplied Spring Bars
    Strap Style NATO
    Strap Material Nylon
    Strap Style NATO G10
  • Nice !


    Its is quite different compare to the regular Nato straps from the website : the fabric is softer and lighter. This is more comfortable, but also a little more fragile : you have to pay attention to the hole, they get larger quickly ! Except for that it is a good quality/price product.

    Beautiful but too fragile


    Very beautiful! I really like its look. But the holes are really fragile. After only one week, the used hole has been enlarged.

    too easy to pull out spring bar


    Strap is very soft and comfortable. The first day I wore it, I looked down and my watch was hanging on by one spring bar. lucky watchgecko had included some extra spring bars. After some experimenting, I found I could pull the spring bar right out by pulling on the strap at an angle. This seems to be a drawback of the strap being so soft and malleable, and/or the material is catching the 'flange' on the spring bar. I wasn't able to pull the spring bar out with 'standard' nato straps, but I could do it every time with the 'seatbelt' weave.

    I'm kind of nervous about using this strap now. Maybe it will be more secure on flange-less spring bars.



    My first nato and not my last. Looks amazing and is extremely comfy. Great experience overall! Also a massive thanks to Tasha at Watchgecko!

    Fuzzy holes


    Looks great with a black Pebble smartwatch but unfortunately the holes stretch and fuzz-up within a couple of weeks wear. I've tried two positions and they're both done it.

    Good Strap, Holes Don't Last


    This strap is very soft and looks great on my watch. I wore it for a week or so until the hole stretched out a lot, and is now very close to one of the other holes.

    I would be more acceptable of this had it been after a few months wear, not what I'd expect after one week.

    Great strap; hole durability issues


    Pros- Comfortable strap, good length; even for bigger wrists, looks nice. Not too shiny, withstands sweat, and dries fast after being drenched.

    Cons- I had to choose between two holes, one slightly tight, one a bit too loose.. I went with tighter. The hole stretched according to plan after a day or two, but it has deformed and is almost ripping into the next hole, even though it's now loose.

    I'd love to give 5* but the holes being wonky threatens the entire point of the product.



    Good feel on the wrist, with a good overall lenght(as i have rather large wrists) wich gives a nice end to fold. Actually one of the better NATOs i've tried, and this can stand firm up against the Omega OEM NATOs costwise.
    On the negative side, the holes for the pin deform after only a few days use, and looks as if the hole is going to tear back to the next one.
    Fix this, and you've got a winner - hands down.

    Looks great. Sounds like it might need some additional modding.


    Bought one in 20 mm and one in 22mm. I've worn the 22mm once so far, and it looks great. Haven't experience the fraying yet, but that could definitely be because my limited time with it so far (~3 hours). Look great though. I hope it stands up to the test of time. Maybe i'll melt the hole a little bit with a hot pin so that i doesnt streatch/fray.

    Comfortable and cool nato with fabrication quality issues.


    Same problem as Erik has, mine is from the proto batch. One hole started to extract and it's more oval than circular now. Looks shabby too.

    I made a reclamation after wearing the strap 1 week. Reply was that it will somehow fix itself...? Well it doesn't extract much more but looks crappy.

    Sad, but true review.


    I wanted to love this strap... I bought 3, assuming it would be the best NATO ever. The strap is perfectly comfortable. The hardware is decent. But, after one week of use (I work in an office environment, so it's certainly not heavy use) I have found that the material frays and pills quite noticeably.

    Crazy comfortable


    This is the most comfortable thing I've ever worn on my wrist. The material just hugs the skin gently, I've forgotten at times I'm wearing anything. The pattern makes a nice change from the usual single color/bond stripe.

    Well made and comfortable


    Smooth, comfortable and well made strap. It's softer than the regular Nato version and even thicker (1,4 mm). Deep shiny black with a certain look which is close to the Bond version in some light conditions. The satin hardware fits also well to titanium watches.



    Hard to fault. Very soft and flexible, providing excellent comfort. Looks great with the striped nature of the material adding a little texture. Excellent fittings. Could stand to be 5-10mm longer for my 19cm wrist just to allow the traditional fold back of the male end.

    Silky smooth


    Hands down, the best material I have experienced on a nato. It is slightly thin, but the trade off is flexibility. I wish it was available in other colours (especially grey/black).

    Super fast shipping! Excellent qualit of Hardware


    Shipping by regular mail, super fast, excellent quality of material! He arrived in Switzerland four days after the payment, WOW! i make
    My compliments to Watchgecko.com for the exceptional service! NATO construction material
    It is superior to others that I have owned and after
    wore this, all the old NATO's thrown in
    Thank Watchgecko.com of all, my
    Omega X-33 Gen.2 is very well wearing
    with the new NATO ...

    Soft and strong strap


    Very soft but very stronge watch strap. Feels slightly thinner than the other normal nylon zuludivers but this doesnt make it feel any less flimsy. Really nice stripped sheen to the strap. My only suggestion would be to have a slightly larger buckle like found on the Zuludiver 178. Overall an awesome strap at an amazing price. Certainly one to keep in my collection :)



    Very comfortable and well made. Hardware good quality

    Strong but delicate with your watch's back...


    I always am worried when I use a Nato type strap, because some of them could wear and sign the back of the watch, day by day...
    These straps really do reduce this risk to almost zero.

    Great NATO


    This is the most comfortable NATO out of the twenty I own. Feels as soft and smooth as silk on my wrist. Has a nice sheen and a beautiful striped pattern, not just solid boring black. Paired it with my Seiko SKX007 - amazing! Another great inexpensive product from WatchGecko.

    Best quality NATO I have come across


    Fantastic quality super soft and supple, great finish on the rings and buckle. I paid the prototype cost of £10 I would of been happy to pay full price. I have had many NATO straps and this if by far the best. The seat belt weave is top notch it's like a mini seatbelt would be great for racing inspired watches, mine is fitted to a field watch and the satin finish is a close match to the blasted finish to my watch.

    A different and very nice nato strap.


    I bought the Zuludiver seat belt nato for a Longines Legend. The strap is thicker than the Geckota Vintage Bond,

    It would be fantastic to have a similar nato strap in Admiralty grey colour as a future prototype.

    It is a fantastic strap. Do not doubt in your purchase!

    A mini seatbelt for your watch.


    It both looks and feels like a mini seatbelt for your watch! The hardware is great, just the right thickness and well finished. The satin finish is very tactile and matches the grey titanium finish of the Citizen watches very well.
    Slight downside of the strap is that it will stretch when it gets wet, but goes back to it's original length as it dries, which is a pain when I'm getting wet on a bicycle.
    The strap is very comfortable, and feels secure. The heat sealed edges, holes and stitching are smooth and don't irritate.
    Overall a great strap.

    Premium product


    Supreme quality, I have an Omega branded nato and the Zulu strap material matches it at a fraction of the price. Keepers and buckle are also good quality.

    As others have said the tag needs stitching down at both ends.

    Would like to see striped versions.

    Amazing soft strap


    I really love this new strap. It has a thicker yet softer weave compared to the other natos watchgecko offer. Extremely top quality hardware as expected from watchgecko. The colour and structure is just unique. Would highly recommend.

    Love this strap!


    The quality and feel of the strap is absolutely amazing! As so many other also mentions, the tag gets in the way. I cut the tag off the strap, which also makes the watch not sit too tall on the wrist. Would wish for more "rigidity" around the holes for the buckle pin, they tend to stretch a bit. Love the strap nontheless! Love the idea using seatbelts for straps!



    Good product, delivered earlier than announced. Perfect!

    Great but not for me


    Awesome quality but much too thick and stiff for me. Much less comfortable than the NATO range



    Love this strap - so comfortable and smart. I'd love to see USM versions as well plus an expanded range of sizes and hardware options to include black PVD, brass, and how about titanium?

    Awesome option for NATO


    Material used hint comfort and durability. Straps are very well made, and watch head can stay reasonably stable, though overall height would increase marginally.

    Highly recommended!

    Almost Perfect.


    i love it. I chucked all my other existing natos away once i received this. The look and feel is exactly what i had hoped for. I bought two. A 20mm polished and a 22mm satin. I would've preferred a third option...brushed metal. Because I don't really like the satin finish. Also, some gold and PVD hardware options should be nice.

    Top quality


    This strap is damn near perfect. The only thing, as I've stated on other reviews is maybe stitch both ends of the tag so it doesn't pop out. Material feels great, hardware is nice...maybe could be a bit more bold, but is still way beyond natos you'd find from other sellers. I bought a 20mm and immediately purchased a 22mm for my other watches once I saw the quality.

    A pleasure to wear


    First, thanks to WatchGecko's great service! Fast shipping, careful packaging and the greatest attention to every single detail! As to the prototype strap, this is really something special. Tough and supple at the same time. It's a beauty and a real pleasure to wear, feels like silk on the wrist. I confirm the branding tag tends to show, but I kind of like it! My chose: 20mm with satin hardware, and I'd love a 18mm size too.

    Comfort and looks


    Comfortable and looks great. Love the material. Agree with Naz that the branding tag always seems to show itself - no biggie though. Hardware looks good and does the job although i would prefer it to be a bit chunkier. Tail tucks in nicely. Overall great strap - I will be getting the 20mm size for one of my other pieces.

    Excellent quality & comfort


    Love the new material, the sheen & weave looks exceptional. Comfort is very high like the majority of your straps. Potential for coloured straps or colour combinations (classic colours like burgundy, royal blue, British racing green), and maybe have it in 18mm size?. I just have a slight niggle, the branding tag has tendency to peek out on mine which is a little annoying. Nevertheless I love mine, bought 20mm & 22mm in the polished hardware, wish I bought a set in the satin hardware as well! Maybe I will! Can't wait to see what's next in store.

    Most excellent


    Fantastic NATO, smooth and soft on the wrist and a good tuck in length.

    Fantastic material, Needs better hardware


    I feel that the strap is very good quality. Especially the material. The one thing that I find lacking in the strap is the gold and hardware. You should upgrade these to the new hardware and leaves that are similar to your new Bond straps.

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ZULUDIVER is a UK brand of diving and outdoors watch straps. This brand specialises in high quality NATO and ZULU watch straps in a wide variety of colours and designs.

Many ZULUDIVER nylon watch straps are made to exclusive specifications in the factories that make nylon watch straps for leading watch brands.

As the popularity of NATO and ZULU watch straps continues to grow, ZULUDIVER has extended the range of these styles, all made to a high specification.

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