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  • High quality ZULUDIVER branded nylon ZULU watch strap.

    Originally developed in the 70s by the British Ministry of Defence (MOD), the strap was actually named G10 because of the service personnel's form they had to complete in order to receive one. Its popularity amongst other regiments led to other colours & patterns.

    Today, it's the well known NATO style fashionable watch strap we all wear. NATOs are durable, changeable, strong and used in sporting activities. The design (interweaving, passing through lugs) means it's secure.

    These are thicker and stronger than a standard NATO strap and have the larger ZULU buckles.

    Watch Strap Specification
    Length: 310mm
    Thickness: 1.6mm
    Material: Nylon
    Material Type: Durable Woven Nylon

    Clasp Specification
    Type: ZULU Buckle
    Material: Stainless Steel

    Other Details
    Special Features: Quick Dry Nylon
    Fittings Supplied: Spring Bars
    Style: ZULU

    More Info
  • Length(s) 310mm
    Thickness 1.6mm
    Material Type Durable Woven Nylon
    Clasp Type ZULU Buckle
    Material Stainless Steel
    Fittings Supplied Spring Bars
    Strap Style ZULU
    Strap Material Nylon
    Strap Style ZULU
  • Black Zulu


    Best quality and comfort. The best Zulu strap I have brought to date.

    The Return of Michael Caine*


    I reviewed this strap over a year ago in its 24mm, satin guise and it is still going strong. This time it's for the 22mm PVD version and it is just as good as its fatter brother, this one is making my Seiko SRPA81J look even more menacing.

    Only time will tell how long the IP coating will last but if I get the same amount of wear out of this strap that I've had out of my 24mm then I'll be happy, epecially at WG's great price.

    *Disclaimer: Michael Caine never left as he was never actually here in the first place, but he would have been if he needed a quality, black, Zulu strap (maybe).

    A heavy duty Zulu/Nato watchband


    Heavy 20mm Nylon Strap, almost 12" - Satin finish durable hardware. Goes well with my Shinola Brakeman Watch.

    Great strap!


    Amazing strap! As thick as I hoped it would be, Its definitely going to last a long while. Only complaints are that the 130mm length is just a tad short for my wrists and the double ring end is a little tight not allowing to use the proper zulu backover the rings when installing the strap, I can live with both of these issues though and will order another in the future for sure when the time comes.

    Don't Shoot Until You See the Whites of Their Eyes!


    I have my Seiko SUN019 on this strap, it's quite a large watch at 48mm and quite weighty but it feels fantastic on this 24mm ZULU.

    At 300mm it's pretty much the correct length, many other ZULU/NATO straps fall short of this and either aren't suitable for a larger wrist or at least won't double-back tuck. Being 1.5mm it's thicker than most other's I've tried and while it's thinner than canvas straps it's nylon construction allows it to shed water much better than the canvas types. There's absolutely no sharp or rough points, either on the strap ends, edges or buckle holes; no cheapo hot knife cuts here.

    The stainless steel hardware is bead blasted to a nice satin finish and the buckle is tastefully finished with the laser etched logo. It's all solidly stitched together which really gives me confidence that it's pretty much bombproof, I know my watch is staying put, and it looks good while doing it.

    In conclusion, this strap has been given the Michael Caine* seal of approval.

    *Legal Disclaimer: Michael Caine nether endorses or condones the above statement, but he probably would if he tried this strap.

    Very military style


    Wonderful Zulu Strap. Very strong and military style. The best Zulu I have ever bought

    Extreme strap for big watches, awesome look.


    Awesome build quality, good enough for towing a car. But maybe i bit too much. Very stiff and less comfortable than regular Nato straps. Hope it will get softer after a while. But it will give any chunky watch over 44mm a unique look on the other side. I love the look of the all black version. But you need good space between the watch case and the spring bar!

    Great but not for me


    Great build and awesome quality ! However it is (too) thick for me, not that comfortable at the end, much less than the NATO range.

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ZULUDIVER is a UK brand of diving and outdoors watch straps. This brand specialises in high quality NATO and ZULU watch straps in a wide variety of colours and designs.

Many ZULUDIVER nylon watch straps are made to exclusive specifications in the factories that make nylon watch straps for leading watch brands.

As the popularity of NATO and ZULU watch straps continues to grow, ZULUDIVER has extended the range of these styles, all made to a high specification.

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