Wondering what a NATO is and what to do with it? Read on..

Designed by the British ministry of defence in 1973, the NATO watch strap is now more popular than ever. It is designed to be cheap and simple but is very effective. Usually made from quick drying and light nylon, the strap is made from a single piece of material which passes through both lugs of the watch.

The single piece design means that if one of the bars on the watch was to fail, the strap remains connected to the watch. This design also means that one size fits all, as any excess length can be tucked back through the loops on the strap.

Many internet sellers have sprung up as the popularity of NATO watch straps has increased and when looking online it is often not easy to know if the strap that you are buying is of good quality. Buyers can rest assured that we have been working with the factories that make NATO watch straps for many years and all our watch straps are very well made.