Need a new NATO strap to perfectly match with that vintage watch? - Don't worry, we got you.

After a lot of behind the scenes work, we’re pleased to bring to you our very first collaboration in the form of 5 brand new NATO straps, perfectly designed for vintage Rolex, any vintage watches or a modern interpretation of vintage watches.

The Vintage Watch Company NATO Collection by Geckota - Image Credit: WatchGecko Online Magazine 

Vintage Watch Company is located in the heart of the historical Burlington Arcade in London Mayfair where they curate and offer one of the biggest selections of vintage Rolex models. Due to their age, many of these watches have developed a unique look and personality, with faded bezels, custard coloured lume and dials that change colour. David Silver (the man behind the Rolex collection and owner of Vintage Watch Company) is a big NATO strap fan and we’re naturally a fan of his watches. With this in mind, we’re pleased to announce that this new range of Geckota NATOs has been developed with the Vintage Watch Company and vintage Rolex in mind. The range of 5 NATOs are designed for Rolex models and harness different tones and colours to complement vintage Rolex.

However, they’re not exclusive to Rolex. Due to the popularity of vintage at the moment, their subtle colour choices work with many watches from the likes of Oris, Tudor, Seiko and Sinn.

Let’s take a look at these NATOs when fitted to watches so you can get an idea on how they will look once your order is placed.

The Black NATO by Geckota & Vintage Watch Company

A Black NATO is a classic, so it no doubt had to be included in the NATO bundle. The versatility of black makes it a great combo for pretty much every sports Rolex model. Throw it on monochromatic sports watches like the Submariner above, and you’ve created a combo as timeless as the watch it sits on. With a bezel fade like this, pairing the watch on the black NATO will ensure the impact of the bezel fade is more obvious.

If you’re not looking to fit this to a Rolex, we’d recommend another watch in your collection equally classic and simple in design. Something like the E-01 Gen would also give you the same appeal. This watches pop of colour is really emphasised thanks to the black NATO.

The Navy Blue NATO by Geckota & Vintage Watch Company

The Navy Blue NATO by Geckota & Vintage Watch Company - Image Credit: WatchGecko Online Magazine

Next up we have a lovely soft blue tone that is ideal for watch straps. This royal blue is purposely subtle to hint at blues that you might find in dials or bezels of the watches the strap is fitted to. The benefit of this is that the blue doesn’t need to be a perfect match to still make sense. As seen above on the steel GMT Master in Pepsi, it completes the look without having to rely on a perfect match for it to work.

Speaking of a perfect match, I have to mention this 6538 the blue NATO is fitted to. Now, this truly is a perfect match due to the amazing blue the originally black bezel has turned. I could go on and on about how this watch and NATO are easily up there in my top combos ever (I know, a bold statement but I love it that much) but I’ll let you enjoy this one.

If you’re not looking to put the blue on a Rolex, go for a model that has a hint of blue in the dial or bezel that you can extract with the NATO. It doesn’t have to be a lot of blue like we've done here, but just a hint will be enough for the combo to really pop.

The Military Grey NATO by Geckota & Vintage Watch Company

We simply cannot talk about amazing combos and not include a grey NATO. Grey is so incredibly versatile that if you don’t have one in your collection, now is the time. This grey is quite a deep option with some real character to it. Naturally, because it's grey, it goes with most Rolex models, but here we’ve kept things simple and looked to bring out the faded bezel on this Submariner.

Faded bezels or not, a grey nato will look great on many other watches. Here it’s seen on the Speedmaster Professional which adds another surface of the moon inspiration with the white indices details on the watch preventing the combo from feeling toned down.

The Vintage Lume Bond by Geckota & Vintage Watch Company

The Vintage Lume Bond by Geckota & Vintage Watch Company - Image Credit: WatchGecko Online Magazine

Next up is one David was very excited about. And, who can blame him? This unique take on the well-known watch strap style of Mr Bond is tailor-made for watches with yellowed lume. The black stripe keeps the strap classy and traditional with the yellow being a light tone to increase the range of scales lume that has patinated can turn.

Of course, this works incredibly well on the Submariner to really complete the Bond look, however, this 1016 combo with its amazing dial also is a hit.

When it comes to non-Rolex combos, there are so many possibilities here. Thanks to the re-issue trend of recent years, watches from the likes of Oris, Hamilton, Tudor, IWC, Longines, Omega, the list truly does go on. As you can see the Black Bay 58 was our pick of the bunch.

The Olive Green NATO by Geckota & Vintage Watch Company

And finally, last but by no means least is the Olive Green NATO. This option is a dark green and almost has touches of brown in its colour. This military feeling strap is one for those who want something more adventurous. Whether it’s on a 1016 or a 1675, the green option can enable your sports Rolex to be exactly that, a tool that is made to do a job.

If a vintage Rolex isn’t what this strap is destined for, then the military watch in your collection is just waiting for this strap. Here the Sinn 356 Pilot Chronograph fits the bill perfectly.

All five NATOs above are now available on the WatchGecko website as a complete package.

Just one more thing...

The Vintage Watch Company NATO Collection by Geckota - Image Credit: WatchGecko Online Magazine

Due to the current climate that is affecting everyone around the world, we wanted to offer something else with these straps, so with every order of these new products, we will donate £10 to the NHS if the order is placed before the end of May. The money will be donated through the charity HEROES a charity set up by the NHS, for the NHS. Find out more here.

Click here to be a part of this exciting collaboration. And of course, head over to @vintage_watch_company on Instagram to see more of these straps on some beautiful watches…