Time To Unwind Podcast #14 - Fantasy Shopping List: Round #2 Of Watches and Cars

Last time, Anthony and Jon revealed which cars and watches they would buy in certain different price categories, inspired by a question we asked our resident racing driver Scott McKenna. To summarise: you’ve got around £150,000 to spend on four cars and four watches. One car has to cost no more than £5000, the next no more than £10,000, the third no more than £20,000 and the final one £100,000. Same goes for watches: one watch to be no more than £500, the next no more than £1000, the third no more than £2000, and the final one no more than £10,000.

What will Ben and Tim come up with? Listen (and read) on to find out. Those of a sensitive nature when it comes to budgets might want to look away now.

Sit back and enjoy!

Show Notes:

Anthony gets pranked

Mido Ocean Star

Bargain BMW from Ben

Ben’s choice for £10K

Here's what Tim would buy for £10K

Ben ups the stakes

Here’s why

Tim’s choice for £20K

Ben blows £100K

Tim blows a bit more

But redeems himself with a great watch choice for £500

Here's Ben’s choice for the same amount

How about this for less than £5K?

Back on budget

Oris Aquis

Tim overspends his £2K budget

1984 Heuer Autavia

A good way to spend £10K (or more)

One of Tim’s grails

And this is how Ben would spend it

Finally, a “waffle” Datejust. Just because

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