If you could only own one watch, what would it be? In this post, Tim answers the age-old watch collectors’ question previously answered by Al...

Limiting yourself to just one watch for most people is an easy and logical thing to do. You simply buy one watch, wear it every day, and replace it when it breaks. However, for us watch enthusiasts, this is an unheard of, unfamiliar and is almost a frightening concept. Working for an online watch brand I'm fortunate enough to find myself always surrounded by great watches every day, either they're sat on my desk, on my wrist or my desktop background. Previously, our very own Al has gone over his go to watches from different areas of the watch world. After being told it's a lot more difficult then you'd think it be, I've decided to sit down and give it ago today...

The familiar Geckota range...

Let's kick things off with a watch a little closer to home. Our range of Geckota watches is relatively small when compared to the huge watch world. However, I think we have some serious contenders for one watch collection pieces. I'm not much of a chronograph guy (normally) however I am a big vintage fan, this combo means that ever since the C2 Aviator came into stock I've struggled to take it off my wrist. Its 39mm case size is near about perfect on my 7' 1/4 inch wrist with the biggest watch in my collection being my recent acquired Submariner. The coined edge bezel really helps make the watch sit perfectly on most wrists and also plays into my obsession with vintage design. Combined with that killer grain dial texture, the oversized sub-dials, the timeless cathedral hands filled with old radium lume and the quality leather strap supplied as standard, I simply can't help but love this watch. If I had to pick up on anything it would be the missing date. This is something I'm willing to forget about pretty easily (Especially when I have a phone on me that can tell me that anyway, right?)

When it comes to straps on the C2 Aviator, I find myself going for our Tetbury strap a lot of the time. After a small amount of wear, the Tetbury Dress starts developing a lovely, subtle cracked effect. This effect makes it a great choice for any watch with that vintage flair. It's also incredibly comfortable, available in four classic colours, and has striking red lining (yes I know no one will ever see the lining apart from myself, but its the little things) I nearly always go for the Dark Brown version of the strap. 1 difficult choice down, 2 to go!

Baselworld 2017

Baselworld this year was my first time visiting the show after just missing out on the opportunity last year. It was a fantastic thing to experience and I urge any watch fan to take the time to head over. Find out more about my visit to Baselworld 2017 here. The show naturally brought with it some incredible watches with many brands going down the route of re-issues and new vintage inspired models. For me, this made my first Baselworld even more special. Releases such as the Omega Trilogy arguably stole the show, Blancpain with a 38mm version of the Fifty Fathoms Bathyscaphe was a welcomed addition to the ones among us who enjoy a smaller case size, Oris released some great watches as well including the Big Crown 1917 and Staghorn Restoration, Longines also deserve a mentioned with their excellent new-old models and of course Tudor's newest Black Bay offerings got everyone talking.

For me however, I think I have to stick to my Rolex fanboy roots and go with the Cellini Moonphase. It's a range of Rolex models which I think is massively unloved and this new addition was incredible to see in person. The story behind why I've chosen it as well is another key factor in the decision. I love all the details of the watch, the second's track and relationship with the indices, the date hand, of course, the moonphase and the incredible length Rolex went to to make it. It's probably a silly, in-practical choice but hey, I had to choose something!

Straps for the Cellini Moonphase, I think it'd keep it simple. The Tetbury previously mentioned would be a great fit, one of our Alligator print straps would match perfectly as well, but as the watch looks to have a little chunk to it, the Simple Handmade in Chocolate Brown is my pick.

Image courtesy of Phillips / Phillips.com

Last but not least, a watch from all time. Now, if I thought Baselworld was tricky...

Now for me, an easy choice is the Rolex Submariner. Amongst it long list of iconic reasons It's also the watch that got me into this hobby, it's the watch me and my Dad always looked up to as THE watch and it's fair to say I'm not the only one with a similar relationship to the Sub. It's one of the iconic James Bond watches which was an obsession of my childhood, I rarely go a day or so without appreciating some small detail of my 2008 model. Sticking with Mr Wilsdorf, another seriously iconic Rolex is certainly in the mix, especially with its record-breaking sale. Of course, it's Paul Newman's, Paul Newman. If you're going to have a Paul Newman, and you're given the opportunity to own any watch, why not have his very own?

Image courtesy of Phillips / Phillips.com

Patek also has some incredible offerings as well all know. The Nautilus 5711/1A-10, the 5726/1A-001 and 010 also jump out at me as contenders. The Calatrava 5227G is one of the purest, simple and stunning watches out there. However, I think for me, my lifestyle, my age and what I find myself naturally drawn to, I think I have to come back to the Phillips Auction that happened recently and go with a model sold on that 'iconic' day. It falls under lot number 33, one of the earliest editions of what later become known as the Submariner. With its 3,6,9 dial, stunning gilt hands and incredible history, I simply can't resist. This particular model is known as the Big Crown and is incredibly fascinating as it's such an early model. Rolex hadn't actually named the Submariner at the time, so it's quite simply a 'Rolex Oyster Perpetual'.

Image courtesy of Phillips / Phillips.com

For the Big Crown in terms of straps? I think I would struggle to take it off the original if I'm honest (Don't tell the boss!) but if I was ever going to, it would be for the Old Chester strap in Dark Brown. Simple yet so effective.

With the ties to my lifelong (albeit only a 22 years life at the moment!) obsession with the Submariner, how could I resist picking it as my one watch to have?

What do you think of my choices? What would be your 3 watches?

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