The Geckot Diver Watch Journey...

Category: Articles | Date: February 2, 2018

All the way from a concept in July 2016, to full production beginning and on wrist shots being posted online...

During the summer last year we launched our most exciting watch to date, The Geckota Diver. This watch uses the high beat Miyota 9015 movement, one of the leading choices for micro brands. This movement, which powers many higher-priced luxury watches, is highly regarded in the watch world and was a logical choice for us. After months of designs and internal discussions, we all agreed on a final design and it was at this stage we felt it was the perfect time to get our customers involved on the journey.

Not only did we announce the new addition, we also took first steps in the world of Kickstarter…

Our 30-day campaign was off to a great start with our total funding goal being hit in the first 24 hours of going live. The achievements didn’t stop there and after the 30 days, we’d managed to hit both stretch goals with ease and achieved just over 200 backers totalling 286% funding! Our work had only just begun as this incredible achievement for the company resulted in the start of production for the Noir, Cobalt and Mercury watches as well as straps, stretch goals, packing almost instantly…

Weekly updates were posted on our Kickstarter with many excited backers eagerly waiting for more news. Approaching the end of 2017 and the production of most watch parts was complete and the internal quality control had begun. Before we knew it, 2018 was upon us which, for Geckota, not only brought the start of another year of trading but also a big move for the company into our very own building.

We’re pleased to report that amongst the organised chaos involved in moving offices, the delivery and timeline for the watches was not affected which has resulted in the end of this week, all pledges being successfully packed up by hand, here in the UK and sent out to our fantastic backers!

From all the team and I, we’d like to take this moment to thank every single one of you who took a look at our Kickstarter project, left valuable feedback on the Diver, liked, commented and shared our posts about the project on social media and most importantly, each and every Kickstarter backer. We believe the Kickstarter was a huge success for the company and feel both customers and ourselves benefited from the experience…(we hope you all agree!)

Let us know in the comments below what you think of the Kickstarter Diver, we’d love to hear your thoughts!


The Geckota Diver will be available on the website later in 2018 with an updated dial design, more information can be found here.

5 comments on “The Geckota D1 Diver's Journey...”

  • Paul
    - Reply

    Can you please make a desto dive watch.


  • Javier Lopez
    Javier Lopez
    - Reply

    Well, ... it's a great clock, ... but ... there's something that disappointed me: in the initial photographs of the project, perhaps due to an excess of photoshop, in the machining of the indexes, the lacquer seemed to slip , or whatever it was that applied the sphere giving a rounded to the angles of the milling, and in the real, the carving is perfectly defined, with right angles. Another thing is that the sphere lacks the radial iridescence that had been given in the photographs. Another detail to note, would have been a solid endlink. In general the watch is a good watch, you will appreciate a lot of good quality details. On the other hand, I am waiting for the other bevels promised to achieve the ultimate goal. In good time and thank you.

  • Rob
    - Reply

    Is there no sandwich dial in the production model?

  • David Robinson Aka Crusoe Aka Dr Gunsmith
    David Robinson Aka Crusoe Aka Dr Gunsmith
    - Reply

    I’m a gunsmith and love highly skilled work and craftsmanship just like the guns I build and customise on my YouTube channel. The D1 Diver surpasses all of the above and it’s a absolutely beautiful piece, the sandwich dial is perfect in my eyes. It keeps time extremely well and just as good as my other watches costing way more, this company did a great job and aftercare and products and quality are just amazing. I made a video on my YouTube channel showing this watch but I’m no expert in making YouTube videos so it’s not the best, please feel free to take a peek

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