TAG Heuer Deployment watch strap

Category: FAQs How-to | Date: January 8, 2015

How do I know which watch strap will fit my TAG Heuer watch and deployment clasp?

Our current TAG Heuer range of watch straps are replacement leather parts for a standard straight end deployment clasp to be used with your genuine TAG Heuer clasp (we do not supply a clasp with these watch straps).

Currently we do not have any replacements for TAG Heuer 6000 or Kirium watches which require special fittings.

Selecting the correct TAG Heuer watch strap is straight forward and can be done in three simple steps.

You firstly need to check the width measurement where the watch strap connects to your watch.

This is commonly know as the Lug Width (strap width) as it is the dimension between the lugs that protude from the watch case where the strap fits.

We currently offer sizes 19mm, 20mm and 22mm in our range.

Step 2

Secondly you need to check the deployment buckle clasp model number.

This is required as different model numbers are designed for different watch strap thickness.

TAG Heuer Clasp FC5014

Step 3

With these two pieces of information you will be able to select the appropriate link below

If clasp model number = FC5014, FC5028, FC5030, FC5035 or FC5042 and

Lug Width = 19mmClick here
Lug Width = 20mmClick here
Lug Width = 22mmClick here


If clasp model number = FC5012 or FC5013 and

Lug Width = 20mm Click here


If clasp model number = FC5037, FC5039, FC5041, FC5049 or FC5055 and

Lug Width = 20mmClick here
Lug Width = 22mmClick here

If you clasp number is not listed above please contact our team for some friendly advise.


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