Replacement Watch Straps For Small Wrists

Category: Articles | Date: May 8, 2018

Check out our helpful guide if you're looking for replacement watch strap for small wrists...

Finding replacement watch straps for small wrists can sometimes be quite a hard process. To start with, The average case size for modern watches tend to be on the larger end of the scale, which means that two-piece straps will be wider due to the lug to lug distance of the case and therefore affecting the overall size. With nearly a decade of experience of selling watch straps and bringing products to our range based on customer feedback, we understand the importance of finding a strap that fits correctly.

With this in mind, let’s go over some of our top tips and straps to look for if you have a slightly smaller wrist…

1. One Piece Straps

Whether it be a NATO or a ZULU, one piece straps are a fantastic option if you struggle with standard strap lengths. The main benefit of going for a one-piece strap over a two piece one is the fact that the lug to lug distance of your watch doesn’t affect the overall size of the strap. The majority of our NATO straps are 300mm in length with the shortest hole option on the strap being around 6 inches (150mm). This means it should accommodate most smaller wrist sizes. If you find our NATOs are still too long, you could always add extra holes to the straps yourself.

(It’s worth noting that if you add extra holes to our straps yourself or using a jeweller, this will void our returns policy)

Many people associate NATO straps with being made exclusively from Nylon, however, we offer our standard one-piece style in a range of different material options. There is our leather NATO range which is a great option if you want to dress up your watch and our extremely popular 328 Rubber NATO which is a great option for all diving fans out there. Of course, we have our large range of nylon options too which are available in different styles at an affordable price.

Whether you go for a replacement strap made from Nylon, Leather or Rubber the one-piece design is a fantastic option if you struggle to find straps that fit.

2. Iridescent NATO Short

We’re always looking to expand our product range based on customer feedback, leading us perfectly to the Iridescent Short NATO. Much like our Standard Iridescent NATO, the nylon material has a lovely iridescent quality that reflects in the light to produce a colour changing effect when worn, giving a different aesthetic to your standard Nylon NATO. These straps come in at 270mm in length, 30mm shorter than our standard NATO offering meaning the shortest wrist size the Iridescent Short can fit is 5.75 inches (146mm). It’s worth noting that these straps are slightly thicker than our standard offerings so if you have a chunkier tool watch, this is a good option to go for.

3. 115mm /75mm Range

The majority of our two-piece straps come in at 120mm / 80mm which is an industry standard size for almost all two-piece straps. We find that the majority of our straps fit wrist sizes between 6.75 inches up to 9.5 inches (based on a lug to lug width of 48mm). However, we do offer a selection of watch straps that come in a little smaller than that with a length of 115mm/75mm. These are a great option if your wrist size is less than 6.75 inches and you’re after a replacement two piece watch strap.

We currently offer straps in this style which are great for many different looks. The Box Hatch Square Tip has a hatched square design which emanates a great military look if paired with the right watch. Alternatively, if you have a slightly more sporty watch, the Carbon Fibre of Sport Perf would be a great option to go for.

The Vintage Elmley is another strap which comes in at 115/ 75mm which combines the best of many different strap types into a classy option designed for comfort. Available in five different stitching options with four different leather colours, there is sure to be something here for everyone.

And don’t worry, these straps should fit wrist sizes less than 6.75 inches. It’s worth noting that the lug to lug distance of your watch will affect the overall length of the watch and strap together.

4. Mesh Straps

Many of our mesh straps feature a very useful buckle design that is great for all wrist sizes. The function of this buckle allows you to lift and slide it up and down the mesh strap to a desired length and lock into place where ever you wish. Have you experienced issues with metal straps where one link might be too tight but another might be too loose? Well, we highly recommend this easily adjustable strap design to remove that problem. With nearly a decade of experience in bringing watch straps to enthusiasts across the world, we are now in a position to be able to bring a large range of metal straps with this buckle design for you. Here’s a few of them…

Classic Mesh

As the name suggests, this is our most classic, go-to, timeless mesh offering. It is available in a big range of finishes and sizes that would be a great choice if you like your mesh straps to be simple and effective. It’s worth noting with this strap that its best suited for a thinner watch, something like a dress watch for example. If you have a watch with a little more chunk to it, we have something perfect for you…

We also offer the Thicker Mesh which is extremely similar to the Classic Mesh, but actually comes in at 3.1mm thick rather than 2.8mm of the Classic Mesh. You’ll find all of the great qualities of our Classic Mesh right here on the Thicker Mesh but in a slightly chunkier strap; ideal for those watches that need something a little stronger.

Fine Milanese Mesh

The Fine Milanese Mesh features a very fine weave mesh design and is quite a delicate option coming in at 1.5mm thick. It is very easy to adjust the size and doesn’t require any specialist tools, other than a simple small flat head screwdriver. We have used 0.4mm thick stainless steel wire which is woven into a nice tight weave and creates a silky feel on the wrist. If you have a smaller watch, or maybe a vintage piece, this is a very complimentary strap that is lightweight and great for multiple wrist sizes.

Quick Adjust Mesh & Oblique Mesh

This strap is very similar to our Classic Mesh in terms of thickness, design and overall length, however, this version of the strap comes with a quick adjust buckle, making it a little easier to make adjustments on the go. We also offer this strap in polished, satin and PVD Black making it a great option for getting the perfect look with your watch.

Finally, we have our Oblique Mesh. If you have made it to the end of this article, you will be very familiar with these straps and their shared qualities. The Oblique Mesh is no exception with the only difference being that the strap is an angled weave rather than a straight weave. This subtle change can have a big change on the wrist, giving a watch a more modern approach to mesh straps.

So there is a few of our top tips and suggestions if you’re looking for a replacement watch straps for small wrists. Don’t forget to check out all the straps mentioned above if you’re in the market for a new replacement strap and you struggle with the standard offerings!

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  • D Kwok
    D Kwok
    - Reply

    A couple of points and feedback I'd like to make.

    Firstly, I don't understand your reason for making the 'Iridescent NATO Short' straps thicker than the longer versions. The last thing a person with smaller wrists needs, is a strap that makes their watch wear taller. This puts me off buying any of them.

    Secondly, the problem with all of your buckle and tang straps, is that you just simply don't punch in sufficient buckle holes for those of us with slim 6'' wrists. With every single leather strap I've bought from you, I've had to punch in my own holes. This isn't a problem if the original holes are circular, but it causes issues when they're rectangular or transverse. Could you please rectify this ASAP.

  • Ray Ellis
    Ray Ellis
    - Reply

    Looking for an extra small strap for my wife's watch which has a 22mm measurement. Can you help?

  • AE
    - Reply


    I agree with K Dwok. It will be good that you provide different length options for your products. You will address the needs of more customers if you do so.
    Look at Nomos, they already provide the below options. Hirsh also provides a medium size with 110mm/70mm for different leather alligator embossed models.

    I like your straps but can't wear most of them for the moment...

    Size XS: long part 95 mm, short part 60 mm
    Size S: long part 105 mm, short part 70 mm
    Size M: long part 118 mm, short part 75 mm
    Size L: long part 128 mm, short part 85 mm
    Size XL: long part 140 mm, short part 95 mm

    best regards,

  • Alex
    - Reply

    There is no way to filter or search for watch bands of a certain length on your site. I would like to only look for small bands, but instead I need to click on each band one by one, see the length, go back, click on the next band, see the length, go back. There are so few bands offered in small, and they are so difficult to find.

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