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  • This range of products are currently in the prototype stage. We have limited numbers available at a special price so please buy one, give us feedback and have an input in further developments!

    While this strap is at the prototype stage, get one while you can! And if there is something you like about the strap, or something you would like changed, we'd love to know!

    Lengths: 140/80mm
    Thickness: 2mm
    Material: Genuine Leather
    Material Type: Vintage
    Material Finish: Natural Leather Grain
    Stitching Colour: Ivory

    Buckle Type: Buckle
    Buckle Material: Stainless Steel
    Buckle Tongue Width: 3mm

    Special Features: Genuine Leather
    Fittings Supplied: Spring Bars
    Style: NATO 2 Piece

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  • Length(s) 140mm / 80mm
    Thickness 2mm
    Material Type Genuine Leather
    Material Finish Natural Leather Grain
    Stitching Colour Ivory
    Tongue Width 3 mm
    Clasp Type Buckle
    Special Features Prototype
    Fittings Supplied New Spring Bars
    Strap Style 2 Piece NATO
    Strap Material Genuine Leather
    Strap Style NATO 2 Piece
  • Nice looking strap but....


    Nice looking strap, the leather is nice, I understand that it's supposed to be a rugged look but it could do with being burnished at the sides(I ended up burnishing it myself),the second loop to hold the strap could have done with being smaller otherwise it just dangles towards the lugs. The holes for the buckles should have been placed to accommodate wrists which are between 6.5 to7 inch wrist more, so it needs the same amount of holes but placed with more thought.

    A Superb Watch Strap!


    Awesome watch strap! Love it, Connected it to my Blue Angels Citizen World Chronograph, wear it every day, great quality, nice soft leather.

    Good prototype!


    I actually like the softness and thinness of the strap - criticised by some - it flexes beautifully around my wrist. The 'Italian' style buckle is polished beautifully and the strap is long - it's a case of 'horses for courses' I suppose. To improve it - not sure? Maybe the second steel strap restrainer could be fixed in position as it can ride up towards the watch body?



    Strap I very (too?)thin, just not very fitting with big dicer watches. To my perception the buckle is also too big compared to the width of the strap. Lastly the small buckles are quite cheap and feel at best, plasticky. Still overall appearance is good but I don't trust longevity of the strap.

    Comfortable but thin.


    Comfortable, smooth leather. A bit thin for chunky watches, but for smaller ones ok. I like the bigger buckle and the squared keeper. The loose keeper should be thighter as it often will not keep in position.

    Nice for the price but perfectible


    I purchased three of these straps and have to say I not quite certain how I feel about them.

    On the plus side, they are thin and very comfortable to wear. I really like the stitching on the watch end and the simple design.

    However, the vintage brown colour was quite different on the two parts of the strap, No problem on the black and brown colours. The strap is very long and is easily deformed. I feel like it streched after one week.
    I don't like the chunky buckle and think a slimmed down version would be nicer.

    Pas tres convaincu par ce modele


    Je ne trouve pas ce modèle très satisfaisant a la différence des deux autres que j'ai commandé et qui étaient magnifiques. Toutefois son prix relativise largement mon commentaire,

    Not very impressed


    Strap was thinner than i had hoped. Plus the watch strap was very long. My wrists are not massive but not small either and i was on the 2nd notch. SO i would have though someone with actually small wrists would have really struggled with the strap. Also i got the strap wet washing up and it ruined it.

    Excellent but not the thickest strap in the world


    Like the strap but it's quite thin (approx 2mm thick) so possibly not the best strap for a heavy, chunky watch. Having said that I'm using it on a Benarus Moray 40mm, which isn't the biggest watch but is quite thick & heavy, & I think it works fine with that. Finish is good & I like the signed buckle & unfinished underside - it's very comfortable to wear :-)

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Prototype Watch Straps

Our range of prototype watch straps are made exclusively for you, the customer to have your voice heard!

We have made these available for purchase so we can gather feedback and you can have a input in further developments. If there is something you love about these straps, or something you would like changed, we'd love to know.

To let us know what you think, simply leave a review on the product you purchased.

These straps are made to the same great quality you've come to know from ZULUDIVER and Geckota. While this strap is at the prototype range get one while you can!

Check out our full range of prototype watch straps here.

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