A classical MeisterSinger timepiece with a new complication: The Neo Pointer Date.

MeisterSinger watches are known for showing the time with just one single hand, and the same is true of the new model, the Neo Pointer Date. Although the watch is equipped with an additional hand, its only function is to display the date in the middle of the dial. 

The Neo Pointer Date

The Neo Pointer Date is a variation on this idea and follows the classical rule that the hand for indicating the longer periods of time, in this case the full days, is the shortest. The date circle is somewhat recessed and located tightly around the center of the dial, clearly different from the minute scale and the hour numerals. Its typography and the small, needle-like hand are highly typical of MeisterSinger.

MeisterSinger new Neo Pointer Date 1

MeisterSinger new Neo Pointer Date | Image credit: MeisterSinger

Three models in two sizes

With its slender bezel and domed hardened acryl glass, the Neo is one of the most elegant models in the MeisterSinger collection. It is 36 millimeters in diameter and just as popular as the Neo Plus in its 40 mm case. For that reason, the Neo Pointer Date is also available in these two sizes, each in two versions, i.e., opaline white and sunburst blue.

The Neo Pointer Date and the Neo Plus Pointer Date are both powered by a Swiss automatic movement. The screwed back of the stainless steel case is engraved with the fermata logo, stamped with a serial number, and water-resistant up to 3 bar.

MeisterSinger new Neo Pointer Date 2

MeisterSinger new Neo Pointer Date | Image credit: MeisterSinger

Classical form of display

This single hand display was a traditional one for wristwatches, as the date used to be indicated by a hand at the center of the dial long before the first date windows appeared. Moreover, the design, which is rare today, follows the MeisterSinger principle of not showing the current moment individually but in context, providing an overview of both the weekly and the monthly course of events, just like the open date rings on the Perigraph or the Pangaea Day Date.

MeisterSinger new Neo Pointer Date 13

MeisterSinger new Neo Pointer Date | Image credit: MeisterSinger

Technical specifications

  • Model: Neo Pointer Date, Neo Plus Pointer Date
  • Movement: Sellita SW 200-1, Automatic, 38-hour power reserve 
  • Diameter: 36 mm / 40 mm 
  • Case: Stainless steel, screwed caseback, water-resistant up to 3 bar, hardened acryl glass 

All models come with a finely meshed milanaise bracelet and are available to buy at www.meistersinger.com from £1290.00 for the 36 mm and £1390.00 for the 40 mm.