Kicking into gear with a new limited edition that makes total sense!

Breitling continues to evolve its image by teaming up with Australian lifestyle brand Deus Ex Machina on a new limited edition version of their Top Time.

The Breitling x Deus Top Time Limited Edition - Image Credit: Breitling

If you haven’t heard of them before, Deus Ex Machina is a brand that is mainly known for their custom bike & surfing work as well as their continuously evolving and lifestyle reflecting branded clothing. They’ve been around since 2006 and can be found across the world from LA to Australian, France to Tokyo.

“The Deus philosophy recalls an era before the various pursuits of fun – motorcycling, surfing, skateboarding, whatever – were marketed into fundamentalist factions. All are welcomed under the Deus roof,” says founder Dare Jennings.

The Breitling x Deus Top Time Limited Edition - Image Credit: Breitling

“Bikers, boarders, surfers, digital nomads … this is a timepiece for dynamic people of action, purpose, and style. Our versatile Top Time Deus celebrates having the freedom to explore the world your way, at your pace.” - Georges Kern, Breitling CEO

The new Top Time is clearly the brainchild of these two brands showing respect for the past and colliding it with the creative fluency and enjoyment that comes with living a lifestyle promoted by both parties.

The Breitling x Deus Top Time Limited Edition - Image Credit: Breitling

As part of this exciting new partnership, Breitling is now also the official timekeeper of the Deus Swank Rally – the epic motorcycle championship celebrating vintage bikes in diverse locations around the world, including Italy, France, Australia, and Bali.

Watch statistics:

Reference: A233101A1A1X1
Case width: 41mm
Thickness: 14.27mm
Movement: Breitling calibre 23
Functions: Hour, minute, sub-seconds, chronograph, elapsed chronograph minutes
Power reserve: 48 hours
Case: Stainless steel
Water-resistance: up to 3 bars (30 meters)
Dial: Silver
Strap: Brown racing-themed calfskin leather strap

Price: £4,100
Availability: Limited to 1,500 worldwide, available via

First thoughts

The Breitling x Deus Top Time Limited Edition - Image Credit: Breitling

I’ve been a fan of Deus for a handful of years now and Breitling (obviously) for much longer than that. I’m not a biker or a surfer but I’m always up for adventures along the same vein that Deus promotes and admire their slightly unique style when compared to many others. They’re kings at branding, and it was this admiration that led me to add a few pieces of clothing to my wardrobe which I’ve been repping regularly for a number of years. So I became quite excited when I saw this news as everything simply clicked into place.

This is a brand perfectly aligned to what Kern and modern-day Breitling are going for. Deus is a young, dynamic, adventurous brand that perpetually respects the historical aspect of its actions. It’s something which could be said for the new Breitling vision also and is something that is embodied in this new Top Time.

The Breitling x Deus Top Time Limited Edition - Image Credit: Breitling

With its panda dial, application of bright colours like orange and red, execution of style and even just the use of the Top Time name, this new limited edition clearly shows its history. And yet the lighting bolt chronograph hand, ‘in benzin veritas’ around the dial, the case back design and simply the Deus logo on the dial displays the fun, maverick like approach to life that Deus embodied and Breitling clearly wants to promote.

One aspect of the watch that I feel is a little bit of a disconnect though is it water resistance rating. At only 30 meters, if you were someone who actively partakes in 'Deus like' activities such as surfing, chances are you won't be wearing this watch while you're doing that. In fact, the promotional video features professional surfer Sierra Lerback hitting the waves, but watchless. this small fact doesn't take away from the enjoyment of this watch, but it does feel a little disconnected. Maybe Breitling and Deus aren't looking to advertise in such a way that makes the viewer imagine themselves being the people in the video? If so it's quite a different approach to advertising, especially for watches.

The Breitling x Deus Top Time Limited Edition - Image Credit: Breitling

Either way video aside, collaborations like this seem to be incredibly easy to fail at, but both creative teams have done a fantastic job.

And let's be honest, cool brands or not they have made a pretty sexy looking watch.

To find out more be sure to head over to the Breitling site here.