Follow our step by step guide to removing the buckle on your watch strap.

Step-by-step guide:

  • Get your spring bar tool (or small headed screwdriver) and position the watch on its side so you can see the tiny hole on the buckle's side. This is where the spring bar is inserted into the strap to attach the buckle securely.

  • What you need to do is insert your spring bar tool or screwdriver into the hole, whilst doing this press down and gently move it to the side. Your spring bar should just pop out (if it doesn't you may need to apply slightly more force to remove it) of the side.

  • Next, you must get your spring bar tool or screwdriver and insert it into the end of the strap. The aim is to completely push the spring bar out of the strap.

  • Once you have done this, remove the tongue from the strap too. You have now successfully removed your buckle.