Popular gear and travel podcast put their name to WatchGecko & ZULUDIVER watch straps...

Avid podcast fans may have listened to the most recent 'The Grey NATO' podcast. This is hosted by two editors and commentators of the watch industry James Stacey and Jason Heaton. The podcast itself focuses on not just watches but also gear related watches and all things needed for an adventure.

The ZULUDIVER 328 Rubber NATO - Image Credit: WatchGecko Online Magazine

At the end of last year, The Grey NATO become a part of the HODINKEE Radio line up add further validation and credit to the work the guys do.

In their latest episode, they cover all things watch straps with their personal favourite suggestions. The guys have been wearing our straps for a few years now, so it was great to hear both James and Jason talk highly of our ZULUDIVER 281 Italian Rubber Strap and our ever popular 328 Rubber NATO.

To hear the guys mention our straps you'll want to listen out for around 27 minutes and 28:55 minutes. Although we'd recommend listening to the whole podcast as it's a good one!

Check it out here.