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Prototype: Geckota Premium Milanese Diver

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    High quality stainless steel Milanese mesh watch strap with diver's buckle. This strap measures 185mm long. There are 4 removable links, plus six additional micro adjustments on the clasp. The minimum size is approximately 150mm. The strap tapers by 2mm from the watch end to the clasp. This is a longer length strap so please double check the size that you need.

    Size (watch end): 20mm or 22mm
    Size (clasp end): 20mm
    Length (min / max): 153mm / 185mm
    Thickness: 4.6mm – 3.7mm
    Material: Stainless Steel
    Material Type: 316L Grade

    Buckle Type: Fold-over with Safety
    Buckle Material: Stainless Steel

    Special Features : Adjustable
    Fittings Supplied: Spring Bars
    Style: Milanese Mesh

    While this strap is at the prototype stage, get one while you can! And if there is something you like about the strap, or something you would like changed, we'd love to know!

    More Info
  • Size (buckle end) 20mm
    Length(s) 153mm / 185mm
    Thickness 4.6mm – 3.7mm
    Material Type 316L Grade
    Clasp Size (internal width) 20mm
    Clasp Type Fold-over with Safety
    Clasp Material Stainless Steel
    Special Features Adjustable
    Fittings Supplied Spring Bars
    Strap Style Milanese Mesh
    Strap Material Stainless Steel
    Strap Style Mesh
  • Very Poor


    EXTREMELY!!! hard to size even for a jeweller resulting in having to break the band off - as with another reviewer.

    WatchGecko not interested in any form of compensation.

    Very nice bracelet but hard to shorten/adjust


    Striking good looks and very nice touch with finishing, Only adjustment links were very hard to remove because those pins are extremely tight. Needs screws for the adjustment links. Now it's 9/10.



    Good quality but terrible resizing. I broke a pin removal nib just getting a link removed. Also very long. High quality mesh though. Needs screws and being slightly shorter.

    Striking, Substantial Value


    Quite a watchband. I just received the satin-finshed band today, and attached it to my SKX007. Very impressive combo, as the band, (beefy, thick links) enhances the rugged appearance of the SKX. The OEM metal band for SKX was tight on my wrist, and this is a perfect fit w/o any adjustment. Definitely a rugged than a refined look. Band is of excellent quality, and I am VERY pleased with the product, the purchase, and the new look it brings to my wrist.

    Tough to remove pins.


    Th e strap is beautiful. However as stated it is very l9ng but I was going go give it a try anyways. As suspected it did not fit which is not my gripe. It was easy to get on my torgeon watch but was nearly impossible to get off. I've never had this issue with any other band. It was so hard I ended up breaking the band where the mesh meets the lugs. Not sure what the deal was but like I said I've never had this issue before.

    Excellent quality but seriously lacks flexibility when it comes to shortening it.


    It's an excellent bracelet in terms of build and finish but it's designed for bigger wrists. Unlike previous Geckota Milanese bracelets I purchased, the mesh section can't be shortened. There are only 2 links (non-mesh) that can be removed and even when fully shortening the bracelet using the micro adjustments, the bracelet is still way too loose for my wrist. I have a 6.75" wrist

    Beautiful Mesh


    love this band but will it ever have a 20 mm lug size?

    Top notch mesh


    The quality of this mesh bracelet is beyond belief. Everything from the clasp, the polishing and the comfort is spot on! What it needs is screws instead of pins at the adjustable links. Then it would be perfect! 10/10 either way

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