We're back with another incredible offer for you all...

After the success of our Geckota G-01 March offer (which is still live by the way!) we felt it was only right to start expanding our offers to other watches, with our Geckota C-02 Range being next. Due to the G-01 success, we thought we'd release this offer a few weeks early, as it's a special limited edition listing, it will only last until the end of April 2018!

With the G-01 Diver, the staff members here at WatchGecko each picked their favourite choices as a team and we offered those combos on the site, this time we have gone for something a little different.

Here at WatchGecko, it seems we're always getting exciting new straps to add to the site, and some of the most recent stock got a lot of us excited. So much so we wanted to offer it you to all fitted on the C-02 ASAP!

Introducing our new high quality handmade in Germany leather straps, The Winstone Range. These straps use some of the softest leather we offer, ensuring an instant comfort right out of the Geckota box. The straps share many qualities you've come to expect from the Geckota range, and then some. First you'll notice the straps are all one piece of full grain leather. The stitching around the lugs and end of the strap are a strong ivory colour, complimenting any watch from vintage to modern. The straps come in a range of shades and two iconic styles, Winstone Standard and Winstone Racing. The standard option works incredibly well on watches where a vintage flair is desired and the perforated one is perfect on that racing chronograph that needs an update.

As mentioned previously, the C-02 Range is now available on these new handmade in Germany strap, let's explore the options that are now available on the site...

The Geckota C-02 Sport

First up is the C-02 Sport. This watch is the main one out of the whole C-02 collection that has the most modern look to it. However, with just a simple strap change, the C-02 Sport almost takes you right back to the 60's and a golden era for motorsports. Fitted to our Light Brown Winstone Racing the watches quality features such as those blue sunburst dials, the silver dial and those bright red hands stand out immensely. One the wrist, it doesn't take long for the light sand coloured style of the strap to pick up yellow hues in the silver that you would have never noticed before.

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The Geckota C-02 Aviation

For this combo, we wanted to use a strap colour and texture which compliments the overall dial aesthetic. We felt the perfect option for this Aviation inspired piece was the Green version of our standard Winstone. The two of these Geckota products together create an incredibly usable, heavily military inspired look, a solid option for anyone looking to add a 39mm chronograph to their range. As soon as this combo is strapped to your wrist, you'll almost forget your even wearing a watch because of the overall subtly to the combo...

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The Geckota C-02 Military

Last but not least, the Military version of the C-02. This combo is an instant hit as soon as the watch is fitted. Much like the C-02 Sport, the Military is also fitted to the Light Brown version, but this time its the standard Winstone. One of the main benefits of this combo is the way our handmade German strap perfectly match the vintage lume used on the C-02's indices and hands. The sunburst dial also picks up on the different textures of the strap which will only get better the more wrist time it gets.

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Let us know in the comments below which is your favourite combo!