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Butterfly Challenger

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    Geckota presents another new design, the Challenger with Butterfly clasp.

    Our metal watch straps are getting better and better and the new Challenger is no exception; available in two buckle versions so you can choose the one that best suits you.

    This is a heavy, thick and chunky watch strap, and it's a well-presented one.

    We have used high quality 316 marine grade stainless steel, for greater resistance to corrosion. Professionally made with attention to detail that won't disappoint you. The butterfly buckle is stamped 'Geckota' on the underside for your reassurance of quality.

    It's fitted with solid straight ends but you can purchase curved ends here if required.

    Length: 125mm min / 175mm max
    Thickness: 4mm
    Material: Stainless Steel
    Material Type: 316L Grade

    Buckle Type: Butterfly Buckle
    Buckle Material: Stainless Steel

    Special Features: Adjustable
    Fittings Supplied: Spring Bars
    Style: Solid Metal Link

    While this strap is at the prototype stage, get one while you can! And if there is something you like about the strap, or something you would like changed, we'd love to know!

    More Info
  • Length(s) 125mm min / 175mm max
    Thickness 4mm
    Material Type 316L Grade
    Clasp Type Butterfly Buckle
    Material Stainless Steel
    Special Features Adjustable
    Fittings Supplied Spring Bars
    Strap Style Solid Metal Link
    Strap Material Stainless Steel
    Strap Style Solid Links
  • A solid product with some minor quibbles


    I bought the 22mm prototype version.

    The weight is on the good side of substantive but can be lightened if there is a taper rather than a straight 22mm throughout.

    A taper would also help if one were to swap out the butterfly clasp with a standard diver's clasp which typically runs at 18mm or 16 mm. But WatchGecko would also need to provide (sell) suitable clasp-end links.

    The design of the links lends itself to being flexible such that the radius of the links when bent is smaller than that of, say, an oyster style bracelet which can help if you have flat wide but low-depth wrists. The links are also 3D and not 2D which gives some dimensionality to them much unlike most oyster bracelets.

    The links are not screwed but use pins.

    The butterfly clasp is machined and not stamped. There are two design choices which can be problematic. First is there is a step-down from the centre to the two "wings". This can put pressure on the centre of the underside of the wrists. Secondly, at the end of the two "wings" there are small triangular nubs which are not perfectly flush with the rest of the "wings" - they can cause irritation though it could just be my wrists - most likely because they are not sanded down (I guess I can take a cylindrical file and hone it down myself if it continues to irritate/chafe).

    But it is a solid product of which WatchGecko can be proud.

    Good quality strap


    This is a great value purchase. The strap is solid and the quality of the workmanship very good. I wear it on a Seiko SKX007 and I think it complements the watch very well (in brushed metal finished).. Overall, this strap has a sturdy, high quality, high spec feel to it and the butterfly closure is snug and secure. Great value, refined product.

    Very good Quality. Though a chunky strap


    I bought this strap to add to my Raymond Weil Freelancer, as it is a very similar style to the official metal strap option.

    As the description states, this strap really is a chunky one. It's very solid and well made, but also very flexible.
    It's got a really good weight to it, and it really feels like a strap you can rely on to keep those heavier watches safe.

    The links are very easy to change, and the curved link ends are also very easy to attach, which I purchased seperately.
    As the lugs on my watch are quite deep I did have to adjust the curved link ends to fit, but as the curved link ends don't come as standard that's probably not so relevant.

    The one enhancement I would suggest, whilst this is still a prototype, as suggested by another reviewer is to have the links on this strap taper down to 20mm as it reaches the butterfly clasp.
    With the thickness and with how substantial this strap is at 22mm, having it 22mm the whole length with no tapering means that it's not a very forgiving strap if your wrists are on the smaller side.

    Great quality, solid bracelet


    Beautiful bracelet, clasp works great. its comfortable solid links. has a nice weight to it. The links were easy to adjust with a small tool.

    I just wish there were a tapered option, as 22mm is quite a wide size.

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The Geckota Super Range

Why do we call them Super?

We have sold metal straps for many years. With our knowledge and customer feedback we sat down to develop what we believe to be a superior metal watch strap range, at a reasonable price.

The range is all made from 316 marine grade stainless steel, and from solid pieces of metal. Available in either a fold over with double locking divers buckle, or the elegant hidden butterfly buckle. We have also specified a high level quality finish in either satin or mirror polish that won't disappoint. Adjustability is also important so we have made sure that there are a good number of removable links, and also additional curved end pieces are available to purchase for the straps.

The straps are stamped with our Geckota logo, for reassurance of quality.

Reliable Brand

Our high quality watch straps are professionally made and constructed.

They are finished to a very high standard, so that excellent quality is assured.

Comfortable and Trendy

This watch strap is fitted with a butterfly clap, which is now very popular for being both stylish and invisible.

Quality Assurance

With many years of experience and a policy of continuous product improvement you can be assured of quality and reliability.

Our mark of approval

To assure you that you are buying an authentic product, the butterfly clasp has been discreetly stamped on the inside with the GECKOTA® logo.

Packed by The Best Team

Here at WatchGecko we care about the way our customer's orders are received. It is a top priority for us that the products are accurately packed. A most dedicated and mindful team works behind the scenes in order to have everything packed and ready to send. We are careful about the presentation of the items and work together to ensure that every order is shipped on time and as fast as possible.

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