Seiko Turtle Strap Showcase: Watch Straps For The Seiko Turtle

Seiko Turtle Strap Showcase: Watch Straps For The Seiko Turtle

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Struggling for inspiration for your Seiko Turtle? Look no further...

You can only get so far into watches without eventually ending back at Seiko. Their watches sit in a lot of collections around the world with their divers offering incredible value, designs that have mass appeal and solid build quality. The Seiko Turtle is one of the leading examples in the diver category with the added bonus of some history behind the design. The 6105 was introduced in the 70s and marked the first time we saw a diver from Seiko that has a lot of the characteristics of the modern-day Turtle.

The reference 6309 is even more familiar which stopped production in 1988. We had to wait three decades for the Turtle to come back in the shape of the 7002 series. This is where most people will have been introduced to the Turtle and it's where we will we focus on for today.

The SRP773K1 on the Blue Simple Handmade Leather - Image Credit: WatchGecko Online Magazine

Here we have the Blue SRP773K1, the Red and Blue SRP779, the Black and Gilt SRP775J1 and of course the standard black reference SRP777K1. In previous strap showcase articles, we have focused on one reference for each watch and showed the best straps for that model. However, some watches have many different variations that are all equally popular. So today we thought we would combine a few different references and show some straps that work with all examples of the Seiko Turtle. Sounds good? Great, let’s go...

Straps For The Seiko Turtle Blue SRP773K1

Blue is enjoying a lot of attention recently (to be honest, it always has) so let’s kick things off with the Blue Turtle. Colours that will work here brilliantly are creams, browns, greys and of course blue to get a great matching look. However, for this watch, we want to show how we can improve the metal bracelet options...

Geckota Diver's Warrington Stainless Steel Watch Strap

The Seiko Turtle Blue SRP773K1 on the Geckota Warrington Metal Strap - Image Credit: WatchGecko Online Magazine

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Geckota Diver's Warrington Stainless Steel Watch Strap for SEIKO
When you picked up your Blue Turtle, it probably arrived on an oyster style metal bracelet. There are examples available on rubber diving straps but the metal bracelet is almost always the option to go for. With this in mind, say hello to the Warrington Metal Strap.

This strap is a fully solid metal option with screw links, six micro-adjustments on the lock safety buckle, curved metal ends that are specifically designed for the Turtle case (yes, you’ll get a perfect fit with this one!) and fat spring bars which you’ll need to get a secure fit Seiko watches. This jubilee style bracelet is such a beautiful metal option to bring out the best in the Turtle.

The Seiko Turtle SRP779 on the Geckota Warrington Metal Strap - Image Credit: WatchGecko Online Magazine

As you may have already worked out, this bracelet works on all of the Turtle models featured here like the above SRP779. Why not make your value proposition diver pop even more with a Warrington?

Genuine H Link Shark Mesh 316L Stainless Watch Strap

The Seiko Turtle Blue SRP773K1 on the Genuine H Link Shark Mesh - Image Credit: WatchGecko Online Magazine

Next up is a real classic in our metal straps offerings, the Shark Mesh. Made popular by diving watches over the years, this brushed mesh strap isn’t your traditional mesh. Rather than a fine, tight, clean look, the Shark Mesh encompasses a more purposeful, bare-bones, ‘do it all’ aesthetic. And of course, because of this strap’s position in the industry over the years, this combination also can act as a subtle nod to the ancestors of the Turtle design. The strap has all the good stuff you’d expect as well, 6 micro-adjustments, a folding lock safety buckle and 4 removable H links.

Much like the Warrington, this is a combo that works wonders with any of the Turtle watches featured here.

Seiko SRP775J1 Black / Gilt

Let’s move onto another Seiko Turtle that is in my mind, one of the most under-appreciated models available. The SRP775J1 choice of black with gilt coloured details is very reminiscent of a certain 58 diver released in 2018 (check out our Black Bay 58 alternatives article here to read more on that). But this watch is more than a Black Bay 58 alternative, this colour scheme is clearly immensely popular at the moment and realistically it will always have a dedicated fan club. Here we will focus on the gilt colouring and the warmth it brings to create combinations you may not have considered before.

Falmouth Sailcloth Padded Water-Resistant Leather Watch Strap

The Seiko Turtle SRP775J1 on the Seaford Sailcloth Leather Watch Strap - Image Credit: WatchGecko Online Magazine

There are many diving watches out there that feel less and less like a watch made for a purpose. But to my eye, the Seiko Turtle is a diving watch made to be used, battered and loved. The Falmouth Sailcloth Padded is a brilliant strap to go with the lifestyle the Turtle yearns after. With its generous padding, you’ll never want to take this comfortable strap off. With the Desert Sand option, you can bring out the gilt colourings on the watch in a more purposeful way.

Croyde 2 Piece Canvas Quick-Release Watch Strap in Charcoal

The Seiko Turtle SRP775J1 on the Croyde Canvas Strap - Image Credit: WatchGecko Online Magazine

Sticking with the purposeful side of the Turtle we have the Croyde Canvas in Charcoal. This strap is relatively simple in its design, however, the tough nylon with it’s clear and durable finish completes a look for the Turtle that keeps it as tool watch as it can be. If you normally struggle to get on with traditional one-piece NATO straps, this is a great alternative.

Seiko SRP779 Pepsi

Next up is another fan favourite option for watches, the Turtle SRP779 AKA, the Pepsi. For many, the Pepsi Turtle is the definitive Seiko diver. With its bright colour scheme, the model is a little more playful than the SRP775J1 we just took a look so we have a lot to work with for straps...

ZULUDIVER PU Z Type Waterproof Watch Strap in Blue

The Seiko Turtle SRP779 on the ZULUDIVER PU Z Type Waterproof Watch Strap - Image Credit: WatchGecko Online Magazine

Let’s start with a combination that is a textbook diver look. The strap has a durable, flexible and water-resistant construction meaning it's long-lasting and can really be put through its paces. You can use it almost anywhere and it'll complement most watch styles. The red option or the blue option work here however the Blue choice is a little more toned down and allows the red on the bezel to jump out.

Spexhall Genuine Leather Watch Strap in Distressed Grey

The Seiko Turtle SRP779 on the Spexhall Leather in Distressed Grey - Image Credit: WatchGecko Online Magazine

The Spexhall in Distressed Grey might be one of the most versatile options we’re taking a look at today. The grey option is a refreshing balance for the red and blue on the bezel as it ensures the presence of colour is a little more subdued. The distressed finish is nice and casual as well so you’ll find most situations you wear this in, the watch will really pop. Honourable mentions also include the smooth Brown leather option as well as the Light Brown.

Seiko SRP777K1 Black

And last but by no means least is the SRP777K1. This is the most accurate model to the original Turtle models due to that timeless colour scheme. What more can we say about a black bezel and black dial diver? They’re versatile, always stylish and extremely hard to beat. This approach is something we’re going for with the strap suggestions as well...

Diver's Vintage Rivet Berwick Stainless Steel Watch Strap

The Seiko Turtle SRP777K1 on the Vintage Rivet Berwick - Image Credit: WatchGecko Online Magazine

Much l

ike the Warrington bracelet we looked at earlier, the Vintage Berwick is quite simply a hit. This bracelet truly has everything including 6 micro-adjustments on the quality fold-over buckle, screw rivets for the removable links, a 4mm taper to the buckle for a comfortable fit, a solid construction and of course metal ends designed to fit the case of the Turtle perfectly. It's achieved a fantastic old school vibe with thanks to the rivets and chunky look.

Like the other metal straps we’ve looked at today, this option works amazingly with every Turtle option featured here.

ZULUDIVER Vintage Tropical Style Rubber Watch Strap

The Seiko Turtle SRP777K1 on the ZULUDIVER Tropic Rubber - Image Credit: WatchGecko Online Magazine

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ZULUDIVER Tropical Ocean FKM Rubber Watch Strap - Black

Finally, we end with a classic. The Tropic Rubber strap was made popular around the same time the original Turtle was born. However, our Tropic Rubber strap is only old school in spirit. We’ve used resilient and high-quality NBR rubber as it is designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions like salt-water and UV rays (if you fall in the sea, this strap will be there for you). The buckle is our refined and multi finish ZULUDIVER buckle which perfectly matches the modern yet classic design of the strap. Fitted to the Turtle this combination oozes history with durable aesthetics for a purposeful match.

Check it out for yourself here.

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