Hannah's Monthly Favourites

Hannah's Monthly Favourites

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Hannah Merrett


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Hannah Merrett


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I managed to grab a quick break from accounting at WatchGecko to let you know a handful of my recent favourites!

For us here at WatchGecko it's not all just watch talk, admittedly as an office, it is 90% of all chatter that goes on, but occasionally some of us will manage to grab a moment to talk about something non-horological. Many of these chats we have we are sure many of you would have similar interests in as well. So with that in mind, here's a selection of some of my personal recent favourites...

1: Farnborough Air Show

Image courtesy of Bloodhound SSC

A big thanks to DHL for our trade tickets to the International Air Show recently where we fortunate enough to watch the Red Arrows flight demonstrations amongst other exhibitions.

The highlight of the show was the supersonic ‘Bloodhound SSC’. Designed to break current land speed records by a staggering 33% margin, this vehicle is fueled by a rocket and incorporates a very impressive engine thanks to the collaboration of Jaguar, Nammo and Rolls-Royce.

The development of the project was designed to inspire future generations to take careers in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM Outreach) by showcasing these subjects and interacting with the younger generation through educational studies. Following a successful pilot run in July 2016, the team will attempt to break the current world record with another run expected 2019-2020... Exciting stuff!

2: ‘Sowl Fuud’ - Gloucester

Vegan superfood from the heart of the Caribbean, these dishes are refreshing, tasteful, and vibrant. Situated in the heart of Gloucester, Sowl Fuud’s discourse focuses on the integration of its dishes as a key health promoter. So much so, I took our Video Editor Damon in store to sample some of the food and capture some of that soul.

To begin, the ‘Seitan Tower burger’ with a side of ‘herby fries’ (above), a popular local delight according to reviews. A success with my taste buds, Damon took it upon himself to eat the whole burger including the remainder of mouthwatering herby fries. I think he approves!

Next, we sampled Gumbo, with dumplings and sticky rice. Fruity and flavoursome, this soft dish is a personal favourite, perfect for a lighter lunch. Accompany with this month's special; ‘The Bob Marley Smoothie' to energise you for the day ahead. As with all of Soul Fuud’s dishes, ingredients are lactose and gluten free, catering to a large variety of diets.

If you're local to Gloucester, take the time to head on down to Eastgate Street and taste some soulful food...

3. ‘Buddy’

Simmie Sims III is a Compton-born artist signed to Pharrell Williams multimedia collective ‘I am OTHER’. Released ahead of the rappers forthcoming album ‘Harlan and Alondra’, Buddy’s latest deliverance trouble on central’ incorporates smooth mellow instrumentals with the early nineties west coast vibe. Forecast to dominate UK music charts, keep listening for soft summer sounds from this underappreciated artist.

4: MAC Prep + Prime Fix + shimmer, Pinklite

Now I fully understand this one won't necessarily capture the attention of many of our readers, however, if there is an important female figure in your life, this is a great gift to get them!

Infused with pearlescent particles for an illuminating glow, Macs Prep and Prime Shimmer Fix is my must-have summer essential. Dermatologically and ophthalmologically tested, this spray sets your make up for the duration of the day, leaving behind a dewy radiant glow full of highlight. Durable and affordable, this product will ensure a finish that sets your make up all day. Treat your other half to this primer, the perfect gift (trust me, when you see how much she enjoys the product, you'll thank me!)

5: Office Pet

This week we have an important visitor in the office. Nibbles the hamster is staying for a holiday until his owner returns. Amongst eating and sleeping, he thoroughly enjoys a fuss from the ladies in the office, if only we were allowed him permanently!

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