Fashion Inspired By Arctic Adventures, The Classic Rose Gold Bering

Fashion Inspired By Arctic Adventures, The Classic Rose Gold Bering

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Erika Anskaityte


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The Classic Collection to highlight your daily style

We all have that one friend or a family member that is effortlessly stylish. From rocking the hottest trends to finding amazing investment pieces, fashionistas are there to help us spice up our looks. One of my family fashionistas recommended me the Bering watch to spice up my style.

Many of you might be asking what a Bering watch is? Well… it was born when Danish adventurer and businessman René Kaerskov jumped out of a helicopter into the ice-cold water of the Arctic, directly over the North Pole. The brand was inspired by the beautiful, pure, clear, and breath-taking landscapes of the Arctic. The Bering collection reflects the icy white scenery, using materials that captured the characteristics of the glacier-covered landscape.

One of the first questions we ask ourselves when buying a new watch is it really worth the price? Here are my thoughts on the time I have spent with the Bering…

I bought the Classic Polished Rose Gold Bering Watch. Inspired by the Danish design, the ‘Classic Collection’ highlights your daily style. This watch is very modern and holds a sleek style. However, even though the brand steeped in modern influences, this particular watch has a rusty, vintage vibe to it which gives the watch a hint of uniqueness, which many similar watch models are not able to offer.

Once you open the box and place the watch on your wrist, it feels sturdy and durable. It’s a watch that feels like it is going to last you for quite some time. The straightforward design of the watch brings some elegance to it, I was happy to find that the mesh strap added to its quality and style.

It looks very classy and blends in with the slim 9mm case of the watch. The strap is very comfortable when wrapped around the wrist, I have hardly felt any weight pressing down, even when I have worn the watch for hours.
The Classic Polished Rose Gold Bering Watch is a very modern yet minimalist watch. I am pleased with its quality and design, especially the ability to change the strap!

A new strap can change the look of the watch and your outfit completely, whether you are in office clothes during a meeting or casual activity. On the other hand, adding a metal strap might be most suitable to combing fancy dresses for a prestigious or special event. Since women generally prefer various outfits (in particular myself), I would always choose a watch with interchangeable straps to fit all the occasions.

The watch comes with polished rose gold coloured stainless steel case, and is fitted to a grey coloured modern Milanese strap which compliments the dials embellished rose gold coloured indices. A clear and scratch-resistant sapphire crystal is also seen on the watch. This is often found on higher-end timepieces; therefore, it is nice to see it on Bering’s affordable watches (this particular model cost £139).

Everybody knows that the movement of a watch is the engine which acts as the powerhouse to make the watch and its functions operate. Bering uses Quartz movement which has the ticking motion compared to mechanical watch which has the sweeping seconds motion. Watches with Quartz movement tend to be cheaper as they are battery powered and lack the technical craftsmanship and engineering of mechanical timepieces.

If you are a watch collector who has a lot of top tier items, this brand is not going to excite you. If you want a good looking, good quality watch which keeps decent time then Bering is something you might want to consider. This watch is great everyday wear. However, it will not reflect your activities or hobbies, and I feel that it is too “rusty” looking to be used as a dress watch.

Bering watches might not be very functional as you cannot use it in the depths of the ocean by divers or high up in the sky by aviators however, a big advantage of this model is the unique design and colour combination, which symbolises the beauty of the Arctic landscape.

This specific model does not have a complicated design features and does not include the date window, chronograph or a moonphase. However, what this watch does have, is the ability to help wearers display their sense of style. Bering watches form self-expression – reflecting a hint of responsibility, attitude, and convenience. This simple design can give your style the necessary boost and make you look more put together whether it is for work, school or social events. I have worn Bering watch for day to day activities as it styles well with a pair of blue jeans, casual jumpers, or t-shirts. If you are looking for more of a formal occasion watch, then, in my opinion, Bering is not the one.

When you are ready to graduate into a more serious collector, be sure to check out Geckota website page. They have oversized women’s watches which has become an increasingly popular trend. From minimalist designs to more intricate features such as 3 subdials to track the hour, day and date, there is plenty of choices to match your style!.

If you love to jog, I recommend investing in a chronograph, such as Geckota C-01 to time those laps. If you are a busy traveller, look for dual time zone watches, world timers and GMTs which are very functional and easy to use when on the go. Read more about Geckota’s unisex watch here. You can also click here to see women’s watches on sale at Geckota.

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